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Your personalised jam jar

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Glassmania is an onlineshop that allows you to customize drinking glasses, jars or carafes. Thanks to the latest glass configurator, you can create your own glass jars from scratch. Use a template and text or upload your logo directly. All ideas become reality!

Your personalised jam jars for every moment

  • Personalised jam jars for your homemade jams
  • A personalised gift idea for cooking enthusiasts
  • Create personalised jam jars for your company

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Your personalised jam jar quickly and easily on Glassmania!

On Glassmania, you will find a selection of different jars in the online catalogue. The jars can be customised in the Glassmania glass configurator. In the configurator, you can choose between screen printing and digital printing. You can find more information about both printing methods here.

Customisation in just a few clicks! You can choose from various templates or upload your own logo, add names or photos. A special feature is that you can number the jam jars or personalise them with individual names. A great idea to differentiate each of your jams!


Personalised jam jars for your homemade jams

Are you always looking forward to having beautiful fruit to make great homemade jam? So are we! And you'll love storing them in beautiful, customised jam jars. In our online configurator, you can choose from various designs and colours to create the glass jars that suit you! For example, create a different pattern for each flavour. WOW effect guaranteed with your homemade jam inside.

A personalised gift idea for cooking lovers

A super birthday gift idea

Looking for a personalised gift idea for someone who loves to cook? We have the solution with glass printing. If homemade jams are packaged in pretty, personalised jam jars, not only your mum, but everyone else will love them too. Home-made jams are always associated with great emotions. That's why it's important to preserve them in unique jars. Personalised jam jars are certainly a unique and emotional birthday present for every mother.

A great gift idea for wedding guests

A delicious jam in a personalised jam jar can also be given as a wedding gift for a guest! A great and lasting gift for all wedding guests. There are many ways to personalise the jars. By numbering the jam jars, they become truly unique. The jars can also be personalised with the name of each guest. A photo, a text or even an embossing on the jars - there are almost no limits to creativity!

A great idea for a personalised customer gift

Thanking customers while enhancing your company's image? It's possible with personalised jam jars. Personalise your glass jars with your logo and a personal phrase for your loyal customers, then have them fill them with delicious jam. A gourmet gift that always makes people happy and offers a memorable souvenir!

Create personalised jam jars for your company

Every package should tell a story, convey emotions and values, be creative and individual - anything but ordinary. All of these stories are possible thanks to customised jars, which help to increase a company's profits. Nowadays, jam jars are increasingly being personalised to offer customers real emotional, creative and individual added value. Personalised jars are ideal for making the product more attractive on the shelf. Don't forget that the consumer's first choice is the visual!

Why customise your glass jars?

  • 2 out of 3 consumers are more likely to buy products designed for their lifestyle.
  • On average, more than 1 in 3 consumers want to buy personalised products or services.
  • 4 out of 10 consumers have a better perception of products tailored to their needs.
  • 1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more for a personalised product or service.


What makes Glassmania unique?



Choice between digital printing and 
silk screen printing


At Glassmania, you can choose the printing technique that suits your needs. The advantages of each printing method are presented here.


Glass Configurator


With the highly advanced glass configurator you can personalise your glasses quickly and easily online. Use your own designs or choose from our wide range of templates. 


Order plain glasses


At Glassmania, all glasses or bottles can be ordered without personalisation.


Exceptional customer service


A question or a problem? Don’t worry, our excellent customer service takes care of all concerns personally.


Secure shipping


Glassmania ensures the safety of your products during transport.

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