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Your favourite glasses can be found among all our products!

Glassmania is a large online shop specialised in glasses, jars, carafes, glass bottles and other complementary accessories like glass straws. There is absolutely no doubt that you will find your next favourite glasses on our website!

In addition to offering trendy table glasses of all shapes, sizes and styles, Glassmania offers a customization service. Who has never imagined being able to create their own table glasses? With our online configurator, you can make your wildest ideas come true.

A wide range of drinking glasses

Our online catalogue is full of every type of glasses fit for every occasion. Almost all of our products are customisable!

Wine glasses:

Wine glasses are the essential tool for every wine lover and wine professional. Depending on their shape, they allow the development of aromas and can influence the taste. You can use a multi-purpose wine glass for tasting all types of wine, or you can be more specific and choose a white wine glass for enjoying white wine, a red wine glass for tasting all red varieties. You will also find in our catalogue rosé wine glasses as well as sealed wine glasses with a fill marking on the glass.

Beer glasses:

In our catalogue you will also find a great variety of beer glasses. Each type of beer has a perfect match, to better taste your beer it’s very important to use the right glass. The tulip beer glasses are characterised by their special shape to intensify the aroma. You will also find Pils glasses, Beer Pitchers, Weizen glasses for wheat beers, Beer Mugs, Drinking Jars, a Beer Pitcher (ideal for beer parties) as well as Beer Glass Sets, the ideal gift for beer lovers! 

Water glasses:

Water glasses are the most common table glasses. After all, they are an essential part of our daily lives. Since they are used the most often, it is best to choose a glass that is resistant to daily washing. At Glassmania, our water glasses are dishwasher safe. Printing on glass is also possible. So let’s be creative and design our own personalised water glass that stands out from the crowd!

Glass mugs:

Glass cups are especially designed for enjoying hot drinks. The transparency of the glass allows you to see the contents. You drink with your eyes first! You will find the most beautiful tea cups, coffee cups and espresso cups in our catalog. 

Champagne glasses:

Champagne and sparkling wines are exceptional wines that require a glass of great quality and elegance. These characteristics are present in the champagne flutes offered on Glassmania. Each glass is customizable to help you stand out at a special event.

Spirits glasses:

If you're a connoisseur of strong spirits like spirits and brandies, you probably know that each alcohol requires a suitable glass. Choose your cocktail glasses to prepare sumptuous mixtures. Buy your whisky glasses, gin glasses, shot glasses, liqueur glasses or cognac glasses easily online. Each model has been specially developed to suit each spirit.

Glass jars:

Glassmania also offers you a wide range of glass jars. There is something for everyone! You can choose from several models: jars with a twist-off lid or jars with a mechanical closure. Find your most beautiful jam jars, honey jars, storage jars, yoghurt jars, Le Parfait jars, Lock Eat jars or Weck jars.

Glass food containers:

Become the king or queen of preserves with our glass storage jars! Our various models are suitable for storing fresh or dry food. The airtight tins have a plastic lid and the glass containers have a wooden lid. With your new glass products, you can combine practicality and design!


Glass carafes are always very elegant and practical. They enhance the drink and are an indispensable complement to table glasses. Discover all our water carafes and wine decanters.

Glass bottles:

Our catalogue does not only contain table glasses but also glass bottles. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you will find what you are looking for! One of our best-selling products is the Pure bottle. It's ultra-practical and helps you limit your plastic consumption. Discover all our other glass bottles: Water bottles, Wine bottles, Beer bottles and Spirits bottles.


You will find everything you need to complement your tableware in our accessories. A glass straw to accompany your cocktails? Extra lids and seals for your jars? Stemware holders or spittoons for the wine glasses at your wine event? The icing on the cake: you can even order your special gift sets to offer your table glasses in the most beautiful packaging available.

Find your perfect bar glasses

Glassmania also caters to professionals who would like to order table glasses for their establishment. Whether you are ordering for your restaurant, hotel or bar, selling drinks by the glass, you need sealed glasses. Sealing is a marking on the glass of the filling gauge. Most of the glasses in our catalogue can be ordered with a seal. You will even find the option in our glass configurator. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

Create your personalized glass from A to Z on Glassmania

The glass of your dreams can be created on Glassmania. The customization is fast and easy with our online configurator. You choose your glass, select a model or upload your logo or photo. You can visualize the rendering directly on your glass and then make the necessary adaptations in the creation area. Enlarge or move your design as you wish. Your glass could not be more personal! 

Personalized glass with name

You can add text to your design, logo or photo. Choose the style of writing you like best from the possibilities and then select the colour you want. With digital printing, you can even have each glass printed with a different text. This way all glasses are unique! For example, you can write the first name of your guests or customers on each individually personalised glass. 

Advertising glass with a logo

Table glasses are perfect promotional items. With online personalisation, you can upload your logo that you want to have printed on the glass. With a branded glass, your brand stands out from other neutral glasses. This way, your customers will remember your company every time they see the promotional glass with your logo.

If you have any questions about personalisation or if you need help or advice from our graphic designers, contact us via our online chat or our contact form.

Personalisation with glass engraving, laser engraving, screen printing and digital printing

Swiss quality: Our printing centre is located in Bioley-Orjulaz in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Glassmania is a brand of the company Univerre Pro Uva SA, which has extensive experience in packaging design and decoration of table glasses. All personalised glasses are made with meticulousness and professionalism for our employees.

Glassmania offers you screen printing and digital printing:

silk-screened glass: 1 colour printing from 24 pieces and 2 to 6 colours from 120 pieces. Ideal for logos and large quantities of personalised glass.

Decorated glass with digital printing: made from one piece for carafes and from 6 pieces for customised glasses. Ideal for gifts, events and special promotions.

Click here to learn more about our printing methods.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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