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Personalised whisky glass

Your own personalised whisky glass - nothing could be easier!

You choose a whisky glass from the Glassmania online catalogue and then choose a model or even design the whisky glass from scratch. You can personalise your personalised whisky glass with a logo, name, text or even a photo. 

Personalised whisky glass for every occasion

  • For your wedding, nothing better than a customised whisky glass
  • An engraved whisky glass as a gift for guests
  • A personalised whisky glass - For your bar, restaurant or whisky tasting session
  • A personalised whisky glass - for your company

Quickly and easily in 3 clicks

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A personalised whisky glass - quick and easy personalisation at Glassmania !

At Glassmania you will find a selection of different whisky glasses in the online catalogue. All whisky glasses are dishwasher-safe and of the highest quality. Whisky glasses can be customised in the Glassmania glass configurator. In the glass configurator you can choose between screen printing and digital printing. Here you will find more information on both printing methods

You can personalise your whisky glasses in just a few steps. You can choose different models or upload your own logo, add names or photos. A special feature is that you can number the whisky glasses or personalise them with individual names. All designs can be printed in relief on the whisky glasses. This further enhances the tactile experience of the whisky glass.


A personalised whisky glass as a beautiful gift

Whisky glasses are as different as the whisky itself. Whether you are enjoying whisky alone in front of a fireplace, perhaps accompanied by a good cigar, or during a friendly round in a bar, whisky lovers love to enjoy a glass of whisky. Colour, aroma and taste are celebrated. A personalised whisky glass is not only a very fashionable one, but also perfectly suited for toasting an extraordinary moment.

A personalised whisky glass is an excellent birthday gift for all whisky connoisseurs, for a special birthday or simply for private use at home. You will be surprised how many friends will love you to see the personalised whisky glasses as soon as they drink from the whisky glasses at home.

For your wedding, nothing better than a personalised whisky glass

If you are a true whisky lover, you need a personalised whisky glass for your wedding. You can personalise your whisky glasses for all your wedding guests with the name of each guest and a beautiful image of the bride and groom. A personalised whisky glass will surely surprise the wedding guests.

A personalised whisky glass as a gift for guests

2 in 1: A personalised whisky glass is the perfect way to thank guests at a wedding or other event. A whisky glass is not only a useful and lasting gift, it will arouse emotions in the guests every time they use the personalised whisky glass. With a personalised whisky glass, your wedding or event will always be remembered by the guests.

A personalised whisky glass - For your bar, restaurant or whisky tasting session

The whisky glass is an indispensable everyday object that comes in many shapes and sizes. An exceptional whisky becomes even more special if it is served in a customised whisky glass to reinforce the brand identity and distinguish it from other companies. But how do you choose the right whisky glass for the right type of whisky?

  • Whisky glass Nosing
    These stylish whisky glasses best capture the aroma of whisky with their upward tapering shape. Nosing whisky glasses also prevent the temperature of the whisky from rising as you hold the whisky glass by the stem
  • Whisky glass Glencairn
    In these goblet or tulip-shaped whisky glasses, the whisky can breathe better and at the same time develop its full aroma. 
  • Whisky glass Tumbler
    Whisky lovers, who prefer to enjoy their whisky on ice, should trust the famous Tumbler whisky glasses. These whisky glasses remind us of all the old James Bond movies. Tumbler whisky glasses are the classics of whisky glasses. With a solid base and a straight shape, all aromas are released directly.
  • Whisky glass Old Fashioned
    The Old Fashioned whisky glass is similar to the Tumbler whisky glass. The only difference is the decoration around the whisky glass.  The whisky glass is a "short" glass with a wide rim and a thick bottom. The Old Fashioned whisky glass has the advantage that it can be used in many different ways. For example, it can also be used to serve cocktails or water. This glass gives every drink a special aesthetic appearance!

A personalised whisky glass - for your company

Every year, you probably ask yourself the same question: what do I offer my partners, employees or customers as a Christmas present? If you work in the spirits industry, a personalised whisky glass is the ideal Christmas gift that can accompany a good bottle of whisky from your production. In today's world it is extremely important that Christmas gifts are durable and useful. A personalised whisky glass is therefore an excellent way to bring joy to your employees, partners or customers. A personalised whisky glass and company logo can be used to thank customers, partners and employees for their loyalty and trust. Every time you use the whisky glass, your customers will remember your company. A personalised whisky glass is therefore a great idea to strengthen your relationship with your customers. In addition, a personalised whisky glass is an excellent way to be a brand ambassador.


What makes Glassmania unique?



Choice between digital printing and 
silk screen printing


At Glassmania, you can choose the printing technique that suits your needs. The advantages of each printing method are presented here.


Glass Configurator


With the highly advanced glass configurator you can personalise your glasses quickly and easily online. Use your own designs or choose from our wide range of templates. 


Order plain glasses


At Glassmania, all glasses or bottles can be ordered without personalisation.


Exceptional customer service


A question or a problem? Don’t worry, our excellent customer service takes care of all concerns personally.


Secure shipping


Glassmania ensures the safety of your products during transport.

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