Why are foods preserved in preserving jars? Preserved food in preserving jars reminds us of the time of our grandparents. But do you know all the secrets of preserving? Glassmania describes the advantages of this traditional method and why it is so important to always have a few jars.

1. To enjoy seasonal products

Local and seasonal consumption allows us to respect the cycle of nature and the planet. Summer is the season when you will find the greatest variety of fruit and vegetables in the garden or at the stalls of the village market. The solution to enjoy them all year round? Put the food in preserving jars and preserve it!

Harvest your fruit and vegetables and enjoy them all year round thanks to your glass preserving jars.

2. To preserve taste and aromas

A conversation when the products are at their freshest will allow you to capture all their flavours. Unlike other preservation methods, the homemade version preserves the taste, texture and aromas of all your foods and preparations.

3. For a healthy nutrition

The production of preserves allows us to determine what we put into our preserving jars and therefore what we consume. No traces of preservatives or other additives, only sterilisation guarantees preservation. So your preparations are 100% natural and can reflect your lifestyle.

4. To avoid waste

Food in preserving jars is an excellent alternative to reduce food waste. Fruit and vegetables that spoil or the surplus from your garden is processed into delicious preserves. So no more excuses to throw them away! Thanks to preserving jars you have the power to preserve everything nature has to offer for a long time.

Once the contents of the jar have been eaten, the glass jar can be cleaned and reused. The same goes for jars with a rubber seal. Indeed, on Glassmania it is possible to buy the seals separately. So they can easily be replaced.

5. For sharing

Taking care of the garden, harvesting fruit or strolling around the market can be a lot of fun for two. Making preserves or jam is also a good way to share a convivial moment. It is an opportunity to share your know-how with your friends and family and let them discover your recipes.

In addition, you can enjoy ready-made home-made meals all year round. This is particularly pleasant when you want to eat healthy but don't feel like cooking or simply to preserve your jams in a jar.

6. To give free rein to your creativity

To produce canned food means to express oneself and to let one's creativity run free. By putting together combinations of ingredients, flavours and colours, you can reveal your personality and create recipes that are 100% yours. Made with love, of course!

7. Because it is practical

Guests who show up at the last minute, a spontaneous picnic or just don't feel like cooking tonight? All you have to do is open the cupboard, choose a preserving jar, warm up the preserving jar and you're ready to eat. The preserving jars are also very handy and do not use any energy, such as food in a refrigerator or freezer. This can also be very practical during a power failure.

 8. Because glass preserving jars are the best containers

Natural, robust, waterproof and 100% recyclable glass is the healthiest of all containers and also completely tasteless. Glass jars are therefore perfect for storing your food for longer. The possibilities to fill your jars are endless and good news, on Glassmania you will find everything you need: Weck jars, Lock Eat jars or Twist Off jars. 


Customize preserving jars

Making your own preserves is good, but with personalized jars, it's even better! This way, your personality and originality will not only be reflected in your recipes but also on your favourite jars. 

Glassmania offers a variety of customizable jars, such as Weck Jars, Lock Eat Jars or Twist Off. Customizing your jars quickly and easily is one of the advantages of Glassmania. You can add your own personal and original touch to make your preserves even more special. You are sure to make people jealous with your personalised jars!