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Allround personalised wine glasses

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3 in 1: What if you could enjoy all types of wine in one glass? The allround wine glass allows you to enjoy white, red and rosé wines. Round, square or with fine lines, we are sure that one of the allround wine glasses in our catalogue will meet your expectations.

On Glassmania, you will find a large choice of allround wine glasses. The Allround Inao 21.5cl wine glass is one of the most popular wine glasses on Glassmania. Small and handy, it can be used for all type of wines. If you prefer to buy a versatile and high quality wine glass, we suggest the Expert Tasting 26cl wine glass. This wine glass has been tested by wine experts and belongs to the new generation of professional wine glasses. Even in the Gault & Millau wine glass test, this wine glass got an excellent result.

Which stemmed glass should I choose?

Wine glasses almost always look the same. You can tell a good wine glass by its finer details. However there’s a lot of variety regarding the shape and size of a wine glass. It is therefore very important to choose the right glass. 

An important criterion is to choose a glass that combines tasting performance and sturdiness, for example to facilitate dishwashing.

To exacerbate our 5 senses, and in particular our sight, the wine glass must be transparent in order to really be able to appreciate the wine colour. We should avoid buying smoked, decorated or coloured glasses which would spoil the real colour of a wine and therefore its tasting.

Secondly, for the wine to develop its aromas to the maximum, you need a fairly large oxygenation surface, so a glass with a wide base. The sense of smell comes into play in the tasting phase. For an excellent concentration of aromas in the nose, the edges of the glass should be narrower. Thus, a glass with a wide base that narrows at the edges gives the taster the optimal olfactory pleasure.

For private use, allround stemmed glasses allow red and white wine to be drunk from the same glass. This is why multi-purpose wine glasses are so popular. These stemmed glasses are characterised by the fact that they can be used for all types of wine. 

The universal and versatile wine glass: for red and white wine tasting

Allround wine glasses were invented to facilitate the tasting of the vast majority of wines on the market. With a capacity of 30cl to 40cl, the universal and multipurpose glass generally has a rather rounded shape with a fairly wide base and narrowing rims.

The choice of two different wine glasses for wine depends in many cases on your habits. If you prefer white wine, you will obviously prefer white wine glasses and vice versa. Generally speaking, white wines can also be drunk from any red wine glass. However, it should be noted here that a white wine glass is not very suitable for a red wine. This is because a red wine needs much more space in the glass to air out and allow the aromas to fully develop. White wine does not need as much aeration as red wine.

These stemmed glasses are suitable for both red and white wines

As the demand for versatile wine glasses has increased considerably, many wine glasses suitable for both types of wine have been developed in recent years. 

If you prefer to have only one type of stemmed glass, you should choose a red wine glass. However, it should not be too large because white wine glasses tend to be smaller than red wine glasses. The solution is to opt for allround stemmed glasses.

The following stemmed glasses have been developed specifically for this purpose. They are excellent for tasting red and white wine: 

Allround wine glass Universal Tasting 36cl As the name suggests, this glass has been designed for all types of wine. Thanks to its 36cl capacity, it is neither too big nor too small. Red wines can develop optimally in this glass and the aromas are released evenly. The Universal Tasting stemmed glass is very popular because it is also visually pleasing.

Expert Tasting glass 26cl: This glass has been specially designed by experts for wine tasting. It is the perfect professional wine glass, but it is also suitable for everyday use at home, if you choose a glass only for tasting red and white wines. It is very elegant and it allows each wine to develop its aroma in an optimal way. 

Stemless glass for events: There are also wine glasses that are quite original because they have no stem. Small and practical, these glasses are suitables for wine events. All these glasses can be personalised with your company logo in our online configurator.

Black glass for blind tastings: Are you organising a party with friends? Are you a real wine lover? A fun game is to taste several wines in a black glass. Blind tasting is a real sensory experience. With the black glass, no distinction is possible between white, red or even rosé wines! Another fun exercise to do with friends is to taste the same wine in different types of glasses. The wine will express itself differently depending on the structure of the glass; if you are used to tasting wines, you will immediately feel these nuances. This is why it is quite important to choose the right wine glass.

Where can I buy universal INAO glasses?

The INAO 21.5cl stemmed glass is one of the best known glasses, which is used for almost all types of wine. It is a glass that is often bought for wine events, as its small size makes it very practical and its stem ensures that the wine does not heat up on contact with the hand. Although it is a rather small glass, a good red wine tasting can also be done with this glass. That's why it's an excellent allround glass.  And like the whole range on Glassmania, it can be personalised with your text, logo or photo to add your personal and creative touch!

Create your own personalized wine glass with Glassmania

Universal wine glasses can be printed with an engraving. The personalization of glasses is very trendy at the moment. In many cases, these glasses are engraved not only to embellish them, but also to enhance a brand. There are many possibilities and ideas for which it is interesting to have a personalised wine glass. On Glassmania, you can personalise each glass quickly and easily online. Play with the texts and colours in the online glass configurator. Upload your own logo or image or choose an available model. There are no limits to the customisation options!

Wine glasses with a fill line, perfect for restaurants

As it is of utmost importance that wines served by the glass are calibrated, you can order calibrated wine glasses from Glassmania. You can choose the colour of the fill line in the online glass designer to match your logo. As the glasses with fill line have to be specially printed, it is also interesting to take advantage of this opportunity to personalize the logo of the restaurant on the glass. 

Printed wine glasses as gifts

A printed wine glass is an exclusive and very popular gift, which can be used in many different ways. An engraved wine glass can brighten up your table at home, especially if you choose an engraving with a personal text or a family crest or symbol. An engraved wine glass can also be a very personal and prestigious gift for your loved ones. For example, wine glasses with customised printing can be given as a guest gift at a wedding. A gift that will certainly be remembered, as the allround wine glasses can be used for many purposes and are also very durable. 

It is also an ideal gift for any wine lover, for a birthday or for your company as a personalised customer gift.

Engraving a multi-purpose wine glass is also a great idea to thank employees for their excellent work during the year. An engraved wine glass is not only a great gift for employees, but also a great personalised gift idea for customers. By engraving the wine glasses with the company logo, you strengthen the loyalty of your customers. Indeed, they will think of your brand just by seeing the offered glass. At Glassmania, we can print wine glasses as gifts for employees or customers and package them in beautiful black gift boxes. Not only can you have beautiful allround wine glasses engraved with your company logo, but you can also personalise each glass with the name of the employee or client. Multipurpose wine glasses couldn't be more unique! Our customers are always delighted because such a universal wine glass with engraving is a very special gift. 

Print your logo on a wine glass

Companies today are focusing on hyper-personalisation. This means that promotional items should be personalised as much as possible in order to strengthen the brand image. Through the digital printing process or screen printing, colourful logos can be printed on a glass. 

If you need help with personalisation, our customer service is available to guide you and make your personalised glasses a real success.

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