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Easter in a different way: 3 ideas with your personalised glass jars

What if you celebrated Easter differently this year? Whether it's for your friends, family or loved ones, personalised glass jars are the perfect gift to brighten up the holidays! The possibilities for personalising your jars are endless. To do a craft with your children or to surprise your friends, the Glassmania team has selected a lot of original ideas for you!

Glass jars with lids are versatile objects that can be used in many ways for Easter decoration. Not only are they useful for storing Easter treats, but they can also be transformed into decorations. In this article, we will explore different ways to use glass jars for Easter decoration.

Personalised jars: the pleasure of giving

Why not spoil your loved ones with a personalised jar? It's the perfect opportunity to let them know you're thinking of them! For example, with personalised storage jars that you can then fill with a few eggs and a chocolate Easter bunny. A guaranteed success for young and old!

ideas with your personalised glass jarsideas with your personalised glass jars

How to personalise your glass?

It's easy to do: choose your favourite glass jar with lid, the design you want and play with the different printing options to get the perfect result! A photo, text and many colours are waiting for you in our online configurator. Our site also offers different design stickers to give you even more choice!

Our selection of glass jars just for you:

Choosing the right glass jar has never been easier! With our extensive selection and online configurator, you'll find the perfect jar to suit all your needs. You can personalise your jar with a photo, text or colour, and choose from our many designs.

Whether it's for Easter chocolates, homemade preserves or simply to decorate your home, you'll find the right jar for you. So what are you waiting for? Make your choice and enjoy your glass jar!

Personalise your jars: Easter decoration ideas

1. Decorate your jars with pastel colours

ideas with your personalised glass jarsideas with your personalised glass jars

The personalised glass jar is also the right medium to organise a craft afternoon with the children! Why not decorate their favourite containers from our Glassmania selection and then let their imagination run wild to decorate them.

By the way, it's a great idea to reuse surplus jars! For even more ideas, here's an example of a DIY project that one of our Customer Care employee did with her goddaughters. Lock Eat 1000ml jars painted in pastel colours to be reused as a vase.

Our collaborator painted the jar with pastel colours and then added decorations to personalise them. This is a fun and creative activity that can be done easily with children and is great fun for everyone. The personalised jars can then be reused as vases or flower pots to give a unique touch to your home decoration.

2. Storage jars for Easter treats

ideas with your personalised glass jarsideas with your personalised glass jars

Glass jars with lids are perfect for storing Easter treats. Whether it's chocolate eggs, candy or cupcakes, storage jars keep the food fresh and crisp. You can personalise your glass jars by adding a personalisation with an Easter message, or by decorating them with bunny and egg designs.

A personalised glass jar with chocolate eggs is a quick and easy Easter gift. You can personalise the glass jar by adding a label with the name of the person you are giving it to. Fill the glass jar with colourful chocolate eggs to create a tasty, personalised Easter gift

3. Use glass jars as a centerpiece

Glass jars can be used as a centerpiece for an elegant Easter decoration. You can fill the glass jars with chocolate eggs, flowers, tree branches, candles or colourful feathers. The glass jars can also be decorated with colourful ribbons or Easter labels to add a personal touch to your Easter decoration.

The perfect decorative touch for entertaining

Personalised glass is also an original way to embellish your table. You don't know how to set it and you're tired of using the same decorations over and over again; small personalised glass jars will make all the difference on your guests' table.

With this unique touch, your guests will compliment you on your tableware skills, but not only! They will also be delighted to receive a gift and will keep a nice souvenir of this moment together! And why not go even further and personalise your gifts individually, with the first name of each of your friends for example. Emotion guaranteed!

ideas with your personalised glass jarsideas with your personalised glass jars

With small personalised glass gifts, you can add a unique touch to your table and to your guests. They will be delighted to receive a memorable gift that will remind them of that moment. And why not go one step further and personalise your gifts with the first name of each of your friends? This will certainly please them and give them an unforgettable emotion!

Glassmania offers original ideas for decorating Easter with personalised glass jars. These versatile objects can be used to store Easter treats and to create attractive decoration pieces. Personalised storage jars filled with eggs and a chocolate bunny can also be given as gifts to spoil loved ones from a distance.

Sustainable: the jars are reusable

Easter only lasts a short time, which is why we still have a reserve of what can be done with the glass containers afterwards. With the arrival of spring comes the start of the gardening season. The jars can therefore still be used as storage jars after the summer. All kinds of fruit and vegetables can be preserved in jars.

There are different methods of storage:

ideas with your personalised glass jarsideas with your personalised glass jars

We have summarised all the different preservation methods in another blog post.

Jars are ideal for preserving food for longer periods of time, as they are hermetically sealed and protect the food from bacteria and pathogens. Preserves can also be made from fresh vegetables or ripe fruit, which makes gardening even more interesting. This makes it possible to eat healthier and more nutritious food all year round. Canning is therefore a great way to preserve the summer and enjoy the benefits of fresh food all year round.

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