Glass straws are trendier than ever. They are not only aesthetic, but also the best alternative to plastic straws, which are criticized worldwide. Dare to be innovative and stand out from the crowd by customising your glass straws. The wow effect is guaranteed!


Using glass straws means:


- Reducing waste


- To follow a sustainable trend


- save time - because the glass straws can be put in the dishwasher


- To be unique - because you can personalize the glass straws

MUST-HAVE: Personalise the glass straws

Personalisable glass straws are suitable for everyone, whether you are a restaurant owner or a private consumer. Surprise your friends with your decorated and unique straws for your next summer evening or stand out from your competitors by using unique straws in your bar or restaurant.

Exclusive and only on MyGlass

A glass straw is good. A personalised glass straw is better! You can now personalise your own reusable straws with your logo, a text or a template. Furthermore, the screen printing is dishwasher safe.


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Why should you choose reusable glass straws?

Disposable plastic packaging, such as plastic straws, is prohibited in Geneva, for example. Straws do indeed cause a lot of waste! That is why we have added this new glass accessory to our range.

Glass straws are more ecological and practical

Glass straws are the best ecological alternative to disposable plastic straws. They have the advantage that they are reusable and easy to wash because they can be put in the dishwasher. These reusable straws allow you to reduce your waste in the long term and therefore reduce your environmental impact. They are perfect for your cocktails, syrups or fruit juices.


  • In Europe, each individual consumes an average of 71 straws per year.




  • Plastic straws account for 6% of the waste collected on beaches.


Source: Rapport 2016 de Ocean Conservancy


  • 1.5 million animals die from plastic.
  • From 2021, plastic products such as disposable tableware and cotton buds will no longer be allowed to be sold in the EU*.



Anyone can do something. When ordering a drink, you can drink it without a plastic straw.


*On 27 March 2019, the EU Parliament adopted the Europe-wide plastics strategy. The strategy aims to make the seas cleaner again with bans and restrictions. According to the strategy, disposable products, for which there are more environmentally friendly alternatives, must be taken off the market from 2021 at the latest. These include cotton swabs, disposable tableware, drinking straws and balloon sticks. The EU Member States must enforce this - Switzerland will probably have to follow suit.

Care of the glass straws

Apart from the ecological aspect, glass straws are very easy to care for, as they are dishwasher safe. However, they are not shatterproof, but remain very stable and robust.


Tip: Rinse your glass straw directly with water after drinking so that it does not dry inside.