Plastic is practical, polyvalent and colourful. But plastic is also harmful to the environment and our health. We are inundated with plastic in our daily lives. We made the decision to do something about the invasion of plastic and to say STOP to the plastic trend.


This was the birth of the PURE BOTTLE.

All advantages of the glass water bottle “The Pure”

  • 100% plastic-free
  • 75cl
  • Natural caoutchouc ring
  • Stainless steel mechanical closure
  • Available personalised or without personalisation
  • Ring in red, blue or white available
  • With or without handle
  • Does not leak

Why a Glass water bottle named Pure Bottle?

Your constant companion

Thanks to its handy design and practical handle, the Pure Bottle can be taken anywhere: whether at the office, at home as a water carafe, on a hike or in the car - the Pure Bottle will always remind you that you need to drink enough.


A durable bottle

The Pure Bottle is 100% plastic-free. The glass is taste neutral and 100% recyclable. Used glass is melted down and processed into new glass very simply and without loss of properties or material quality. The Pure Bottle has a natural rubber seal and the closure is made of ceramic.


Do you know that...

  • ...we throw away 12 billion plastic bottles?
  • ...the production of plastic bottles uses as much oil as a million cars fill up with petrol?
  • ...a plastic bottle needs 450 years to degrade naturally...
  • ...a lot of animals die because they take plastic as food?
  • ...plastic bottles contain harmful substances that go into our bodies?