Prepare once and enjoy the whole week

We are often forced to eat on the way, in the office or during a short break. So it is often obvious to get "something fast" from the baker, in a fast food shop or in the petrol station shop, so that we don't lose any time. Also, getting ready products and frozen food is often the quickest and easiest solution. But with the rediscovered trend of food preparation or good old "pre-cooking", this is no longer necessary! The principle of Meal Prep is simple: stock up on valuable foods once or twice a week, prepare portions and enjoy them all week long. With the right glass containers, the food stays airtight and fresh for several days - in the freezer even for several weeks - and ready to enjoy!

Healthy and affordable nutrition despite everyday stress thanks to Meal Prep

What is best to use for Meal Prep?

The Meal Prep principle is used to prepare everything from chia muesli and overnight oats to smoothies, soups, salads and whole meals.

Planning, a little creativity and the right containers are essential. In this way, countless menu combinations can be prepared from just a few ingredients. If you use sauces or dishes that have a more liquid portion, then simply apply the layer principle. The most liquid is first in the glass. Ingredients that should remain dry until consumption are finally placed in the storage jar. This prevents soaking and, for example, even after a few days you can still enjoy a mixed salad with various vegetables, pulses and seeds in top quality. In our video we show you some great ideas that will make it easy for you to get started with Meal Prepping!


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