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Gift idea for employee: meaningful employee gift to say thank you!

There is nothing better than seeing your employees happy and smiling. Therefore, it is even nicer when you can surprise your employees with a meaningful and sustainable employee gift. To help you choose the perfect employee gift, we have selected some suitable articles for you. Gifts to employees should create a memory, be sustainable and above all meaningful. With our proposals, we meet all these criteria.


To make sure your employee gift is a complete success, we've made a shortlist of our 4 bestsellers employee gift boxes:

employee gift boxemployee gift box

Four wine glasses with your personal engraving

With this employee gift, you're sure to make a big impression at the handover. You can engrave 4 wine glasses with your logo, a special saying or add the name of the employee. The glasses are delivered in an elegant black box.

employee gift boxemployee gift box

A water carafe with engraving as an employee gift

A water carafe is an everyday item and can be used anytime and anywhere. For this reason, this carafe is perfect as an employee gift. Again, you can personalize the carafe with your logo and the name of your employee.

employee gift boxemployee gift box

An employee gift for Frahling lovers - glass coffee cups including personalisation and saucer

Glass coffee mugs are very elegant and a real eye-catcher. You can provide these coffee cups as an employee gift with an engraving and order the elegant black gift box.

An employee gift made to measure - we turn your idea into reality

Are you looking for more original employee gifts? We can also offer you other customised gift boxes to suit your ideas and preferences. Don't hesitate to fill in our quote request form so that we can make a personalised offer according to your needs.

The most beautiful and exclusive gifts for employees

As advocates of sustainability, we find it very important that a gift for employees is not only beautiful and exclusive, but also something for eternity. Glass products such as wine glasses, beer glasses or carafes made of glass, meet exactly these criteria. We have listed the top 20 most beautiful, sustainable and exclusive gifts for employees, all of which you can order on Glassmania:

1. A glass water carafe with engraving

Everyone drinks water and everyone loves water. On a beautifully set table, nothing looks better than a beautiful elegant glass water carafe. A gift that is sustainable and will be used again and again. The glass water carafe can be personalized as a gift with an engraving. On the water carafe can be engraved the logo of the company and even the name of each employee. This gift is certainly unique and will bring a smile to the face of every employee.

2. A glass water bottle with personalisation

Many companies today choose not to use plastic bottles in their offices. A plastic-free company can thus contribute to reducing plastic consumption worldwide. Such a change is not only good for the environment, but can also help to strengthen the brand image.

A glass water bottle can be refilled over and over again and can be easily transported anywhere and at any meeting thanks to a practical carrying handle. To help the brand or company strengthen its identity, these glass water bottles can be personalized with the company's logo. With the digital printer, it is even possible that you can print the name of the employees on each glass bottle.

3. Extraordinary wine glasses with engraving for all wine lovers

Wine glasses with an engraving are very popular employee gifts. Packaged in a beautiful elegant gift box, an engraving with the logo of the company and a beautifully designed greeting card. Any employee will love such a gift, as wine glasses are always needed.

4. A set of beer glasses for all beer connoisseurs

The trend of microbreweries is flourishing. With the different beer styles, one also needs different beer glasses, because each beer has its characteristics. So that a beer lover can taste his beers depending on the beer style, a set of beer glasses for Craft Beer can be ordered at Glassmania. The right beer glass for every beer style. 

5. A tasting from the right whisky glasses

Whisky glasses can hardly be more different. Depending on the type of whisky, the glasses also change. The many shapes and sizes of whisky glasses are crucial for a tasting of the whisky. For merciless whisky lovers we recommend whisky glasses with an engraving. As an employee gift, for a company anniversary or for an extraordinary occasion, each whisky glass becomes unique.

6. Coffee cups printed with the company logo

Coffee cups print and this with the logo of the company are the absolute classic. A glass cup is not only elegant, but allows the coffee to really come into its own. As you know from advertising, the quality of a good coffee is characterized by its foam.

In a glass coffee cup, this is immediately apparent and pleases the eyes of every Frahling lover. Printing on these coffee mugs is a very popular employee gift, as coffee is a very popular drink. If you do not like coffee so much, you can also print tea cups that achieve the same effect as coffee cups.

7. Meal-Prep with glass food storage containers

Have you noticed that many employees are preparing their meals at home to eat at work? Meal prep is a hot trend among foodies right now. These meals look even nicer in a glass fresh food container. Alternatively, large canning jars can also be used for Meal-Prep. A real eye-catcher for stomach and eyes!

8. Large canning jars for use at home

You're probably always wondering how to store all those packages of flour, sugar or pasta in your kitchen. Large canning jars with personalization make great employee gifts because they can be used in so many ways. A jar with several possibilities. Thus also a gift with a lot of effect.

9. An anniversary with personalised champagne glasses

Are you or an employee celebrating a special company anniversary soon? This should be celebrated with champagne. So that this anniversary really comes into its own, champagne glasses can be engraved with the company logo, the name or a special saying. The gift will be remembered forever.

10. Glass tea cups with a photo

Tea cups printed with a photo are probably one of the most popular gifts in the world. Glassmania offers this service for glass tea cups. A wonderful memory for cold winter days.

11. Water glasses as a sign of gratitude

Water glasses are used daily. Surely an employee gift with which you do not make mistakes. Water glasses can be personalised at will on Glassmania.

12. Glass straws with the logo of the company

Glass straws don't just look great, they are great. By using reusable glass straws, you can play a big part in ridding the world of a little glass. Best of all, you can personalize them with your logo. An innovative and creative employee gift that you certainly don't see every day.

13. Small preserving jars with chocolate

Canning jars are very simple but can be used for many purposes. For example, you can personalize them with your company logo and fill them with chocolate or other fine foods. Once the chocolate is eaten, the canning jar can continue to be used as a glass, or other item. The great thing is that the logo will be on the jar forever.

14. An elegant gift box with personalised glasses

An elegant and stylish box filled with personalised glasses or a glass carafe. This gift is probably one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to your employees. Meaningful, sustainable and emotional. We are happy to advise you for your personal gift box with personalised glasses.

15. Your own beer bottle with a special beer as a gift

Brewing beer is accessible to everyone today. A common and very modern employee gift is brewing your own beer, which is then bottled in personalized beer bottles. Such a gift is certainly seen as very rewarding by employees.

16. Trendy cocktail glasses for the next company evening

Are you planning a company evening with trendy cocktails? Then start thinking about trendy cocktail glasses. You can personalise them quickly and easily online with your company logo.

17. A sustainable welcome gift for employees

When a new employee joins the company, you want to give them a proper welcome. Often our customers decide to do this in the form of a personalized glass drinking bottle. On this occasion, you can engrave a motivational saying, the name of the new employee or just the company logo on the bottle.

18. A company branding with personalization from A-Z

Many companies rely on a uniform corporate branding. In many cases, this is rigorously enforced. All glasses, cups, carafes and glass bottles are personalized with the logo of the company to strengthen the identity of the brand.

19. A personal greeting on a large wine bottle

An anniversary of an employee is always an emotional matter. Especially if the employee has been with the company for 10, 15 or even 20 years. Often large wine bottles are personalized for a company anniversary. Magnum bottles can be personalized quickly and easily on Glassmania. As a gift for an anniversary of an employee are particularly suitable photos and special sayings, which can be engraved on the bottle.

Employee gift advantage

An employee gift not only brings joy to the employees but also has very practical tax advantages. The employee gift can be claimed in the annual tax return and is therefore tax-free.


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