The PURE BOTTLE glass bottle was tested

Does the new glass bottle from MyGlass keep its promise? Stéphanie from the agency Medienrausch GmbH has tested the glass bottle and is delighted!

This is how the PURE BOTTLE glass bottle scores in the test

As an active person who travels a lot, whether for business or pleasure, many different aspects are important when buying a glass water bottle.


Which criteria were evaluated?


  • Versatility: How can the drinking bottle be used and in what ways can it be used?
  • Sustainability: A very important aspect for modern people who care about the environment and use resources carefully.
  • Finishing: What is the Pure Bottle made of?
  • Appearance: The glass water bottle is already considered a fashionable accessory and is intended to match our lifestyle.
  • Price: A factor that plays an important role in the purchase decision.

Versatility - the glass bottle for every use

Glass is absolutely tasteless. Whether the glass bottle is filled with syrup, iced tea, smoothie, soup, salad sauce or homemade tomato sauce, it is easy to clean and refill with water without any loss of taste.

Sustainability - 100% plastic free

The Pure Bottle drinking bottle is 100% plastic-free and is made of glass, an excellent material that can be recycled by melting it down without any loss of quality.


The sealing ring made of natural rubber ensures that nothing leaks - regardless of whether the glass bottle is standing, lying down or turned upside down.


With the purchase and daily use of a glass bottle, we make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of around 17 billion plastic bottles thrown away. This also benefits our health. Because if you always have a drinking bottle at hand, you automatically drink more. Something that many of us find difficult and is often neglected in the hectic pace of everyday life. Furthermore, drinking bottles made of glass do not contain any toxic pollutants that are absorbed by our organism, as is the case with plastic bottles.


Finishing - high quality and robust

The Pure Bottle is made of thick-walled glass and is very robust.

A small disadvantage is the resulting weight of the bottle of 600 g.


High-quality hangers made of stainless metal with or without a carrying / hanging function as well as a lid made of ceramic round off this successful product.

Appearance - a noble companion

Thanks to its modern and simple design, the Pure Bottle makes a great impression as a water carafe on the table but also as a drinking bottle in the office or at work. An accessory that is becoming increasingly important and expresses a sustainable philosophy of life.


Fr. 22.35 per drinking bottle are absolutely justified for this high quality and optically very high quality product.

My advice

Mint leaves and slices of lemon in the glass bottle provide the extra freshness kick!

Another extra: The PURE BOTTLE glass bottle can also be personalised !

From an order quantity of 60 pieces, the glass bottle can be printed with your own design or logo! An absolutely brilliant employee gift. Also for clubs a great companion for your workouts or on the road!


For gastronomy companies the Pure Bottle as a sealable water carafe offers an ingenious possibility to offer their guests "own" tap water with or without carbon dioxide in a sustainable way.