3 water flask and 3 recipes for 3 times during the day. Water flask are excellent for making your own flavored water. This water is very trendy while it’s getting hotter and hotter in summer. Flavoured water tastes best in glass water flask and of course with fresh ingredients.

So that you too can benefit from this trend, we have selected three perfect recipes for mornings, lunches and evenings, which are accompanied by various water flask. Let us surprise you with our taste combinations!

The water flask for your Detox Morning

Lemon - Mint - Sage

Start the day fresh and bright! Mix water with lemon, mint and sage. Cut a lemon into slices and add some mint and sage leaves to the Aquaria water flask. Let the ingredients soak for a while. This recipe prefers to cleanse the body to start the day with full energy and good mood.

The water flask for your refreshing lunch break

strawberry - cucumber - kiwi

The Pure Bottle water flask with its carrying handle is ideal for taking your drink anywhere. To refresh yourself during your lunch break, we recommend a recipe with fresh fruit. Mix the water in the water flask with strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Combine the strawberries with cucumber, which has a calming effect and can reduce stress. As a last ingredient add a kiwi to the water carafe. Kiwis are also rich in vitamin C. This mixture provides a fresh and delicious taste, ideal for refreshing yourself and recharging your batteries during your lunch break!

The water flask for a relaxed evening

Mint - Blackberry

End your day with our last flavoured water recipe. Let the mint soak into the Ypsilon water flask. Mint is an ideal plant because it improves and stimulates digestion. In combination with blackberries this mixture has a very relaxing effect. In fact, blackberry is diuretic as it moisturizes, refreshes and even treats urinary tract infections.

Ypsilon water flask are available in different sizes.

Your personalised water flask !

From an order quantity of 6 pieces, water flasks can be personalised with your own design or logo. An absolutely unique gift idea!

Our water flasks are also perfect for gastronomy and any kind of business.