A new trend is changing our shopping behaviour and everyday life.

Zero Waste Shopping - Reduce packaging and waste

The consumption of disposable plastic packaging has increased explosively in recent years all over the world. Not only in the oceans wild animals such as fish, birds, turtles, seals and other mammals are dying of waste and packaging. In other countries, too, we are now seeing before our very eyes how streams, lakes and meadows are being littered and nature is suffering. In contrast to this horrible development, a counter-movement has already formed some time ago, which is now growing and is committed to reducing the consumption of plastic in general and especially in the form of packaging, or even to doing without it completely.

In our everyday life we can change a lot ourselves without having to restrict ourselves too much. "Zero Waste Shopping" is becoming more and more important. New "packaging-free shops" or shopping concepts that avoid large mountains of rubbish are emerging everywhere. Even shopping at major distributors are changing. The typical little plastic bags are gradually disappearing. People are returning to the use of reusable bags, cloth bags, shopping nets and glass containers.


Shopping with glass containers such as preserving jars, glass bottles etc. not only reduces our waste production, but is also fun and even saves time!


The packaging jars you bring with you are filled and weighed as you wish and are put directly into the kitchen cupboard at home. No more tedious unpacking, decanting and disposal!

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