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Which wine glass to choose? Our advice for choosing a wine glass

Choosing the right wine glass is crucial for wine tasting. As a general rule, there is a perfect wine glass for every wine. Each shape will directly influence the way the wine will flow into your mouth, and thus onto your tongue! To help you buy the perfect wine glasses, we have put together a short explanation of how to find the ideal wine glass. Discover the distinction between different types of wine glasses. 

Which size of wine glass should I choose?

Allround wine glasses are suitable for both red and white wine. These wine glasses are generally neither too large nor too small. This is particularly important so that each wine can develop its flavour perfectly. The tulip shape is generally recommended by experts to ensure optimal tasting performance. The most popular universal wine glasses are the following: 


  • Expert Tasting Wine Glass 26cl: This wine glass belongs to the new generation of professional wine glasses. As the name suggests, this glass has been designed and tested for and by wine experts. It was even ranked as one of the best wine glasses of all time in a comparative test by Gault & Millau. 
  • The Geneva Glass 26cl: The Geneva wine glass is a glass that was created especially for the winemakers of Geneva. This glass is unique. The Geneva coat of arms is represented on the stem of the glass and thus offers a wonderful experience during tasting. The chalice of this wine glass has been designed and selected by experts in order to transform each tasting into a real experience. 
  • The INAO 21.5cl wine glass: The best-selling multipurpose glass is the INAO 21cl wine glass. This glass is a bestseller on Glassmania because it is suitable for all occasions and all wines. Thanks to its small and narrow shape it’s very practical especially for events.

Which glass to drink white wine ?

White wine glasses tend to be smaller and narrower as they generally require less aeration of the wines. On the other hand, the style of white wine glasses is particularly important. There is a general trend towards very narrow and high glasses. As white wine is best drunk chilled, the long stem of the glass prevent the wine from warming up. The most popular white wine glasses are: 

  • The Robusto 37cl white wine glass: The Robusto 37cl was created especially for white wine. It is a very robust glass. Thanks to the narrow opening and the wide chalice, the aromas of the white wine are properly diffused and concentrated towards the narrow opening. This white wine glass is ideal for fresh and fruity white wines. 
  • White Wine Glass Carré 29cl: This white wine glass is one of the most popular glasses you can buy. It is a very elegant glass with a distinctive style. This glass is a modern and timeless bestseller. Its straight walls allow the wine's aromas to develop optimally.  

How to choose a red wine glass?

Depending on the wine, red wine glasses can be very large and heavy. The weight of the wine is very well reflected in the wine glass. If you drink a particularly aromatic red wine, large red wine glasses will be the best option. Thanks to the large opening of the glass, the wine is perfectly aerated. This allows the aromas to develop perfectly. An important criterion for the shape of a perfect red wine glass is the chalice. The larger the cup, the better the aromas of the red wine can develop. The following red wine glasses offer the best tasting experience: 

  • Robusto Red Wine Glass 55cl: The Robusto 55cl red wine glass is a large, voluminous glass. It was specially developed and designed by Univerre Pro Uva in Switzerland. When the wine glass was launched it encountered great enthusiasm from customers. For this reason, we can only recommend you this red wine glass. It is suitable for wine tasting at home, in a bar or in a restaurant. 
  • Red Wine Glass Carré 53cl: Wine experts consider this glass to be the perfect wine glass for red wines. The tall, narrower shape releases the aromas of the wine very well and the straight sides allow the aromas to flow through the narrow opening. 

A personalised wine glass is the best gift idea for any wine lover

Once you have found your perfect wine glasses, you can make them even more unique. Each glass can be enhanced with a personalized engraving. The wine glasses you find on Glassmania can all be engraved quickly and easily.

Personalized wine glasses are an original, trendy and popular gift. Its use is endless! An engraved wine glass can brighten up your table at home, especially if you have your wine glasses printed with a personal text or family crest.

A personalized wine glass can also be a very personal and elegant gift for your loved ones. For example, wine glasses with an engraving can be given as a guest gift at a wedding. A gift that will certainly be remembered for a long time, as wine glasses are always reused. A lasting memory guaranteed! On Glassmania you can find several types of wine glasses. Round, square or with fine lines, we are sure that one of the original wine glasses in our catalogue will meet your expectations. Discover our customizable glasses according to your specific needs: versatile stemmed glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, rosé wine glasses, sealed wine glasses or black wine glasses.

An engraved wine glass as an employee or customer gift

An engraved wine glass is an excellent idea to thank your employees for their excellent work during the year. A glass is a great gift for employees and also a great gift for customers. By engraving the glasses with the company logo, customer loyalty can be strengthened as they will surely see the wine glasses very often. 

At Glassmania, we can engrave wine glasses as an employee or customer gift and package them in a beautiful black corporate gift box. Not only can you create beautiful wine glasses engraved with your company logo, but you can even personalize each wine glass with the name of your employee or client. Wine glasses don't get more personal than this. Our customers are delighted because such an engraving on a wine glass is a very special gift. 

Wine glasses can be personalized easily and quickly

Glassmania offers easy and online wine glass printing. Customised wine glasses can be screen printed or printed with digital printing. Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your personalized wine glass can be printed with your logo, name, text or photo. You can personalize your wine glass as you wish using the glass configurator. A personalized wine glass is the perfect gift for any wine lover, for a birthday or for your company as a gift for an employee or customer. If you need help, we are here to help you make your engraved wine glass a real eye-catcher. 

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