The World Championship of Fondue Preparation is one of the most important events in November 2019. From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November 2019, the World Championship of Fondue Preparation will take place in Tartegnin, in the canton of Vaud. 

The World Fondue Championship is an original and convivial competition for the best fondue! 

Glassmania is a partner in the World Fondue Championship. We are therefore pleased to present you the 2019 edition wine glass:

wine glass Fondue World Championshipwine glass Fondue World Championship

What is the Fondue World Championship all about?

Anyone can take part in the Fondue World Championship. Participants can show off their fondue cooking skills to the public and create a 100% Swiss experience to boot. Parallel to the competition, visitors can watch various performances and take part in activities, always on the theme of terroir and tradition. Children are welcome; the Fondue World Cup becomes a festive family reunion.

Did you know that...

Did you know that a glass of water or a tea is the best complement to a fondue? A study by the University of Zurich published in the British Medical Journal showed that drinks such as water or tea improve digestion after a fondue. On the occasion of the Fondue World Championship, we looked into this topic.

Wine, water or rather tea?

A glass of water or a cup of tea during fondue aids digestion. Of course, a glass of white wine typically goes well with fondue.

If you want to enjoy a fondue without any worries, you should have a glass of water or a cup of tea in between to stimulate digestion.

Fondue World ChampionshipFondue World Championship

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