Your glass bottles according to the company image

Did you know that more and more companies are banning PET bottles from their offices and switching to glass carafes? As the Luzerner Zeitung reports, PET bottles will soon be replaced by glass bottles or carafes in staff restaurants as well.

Your company's identity should be transmitted by a clear message. By reducing your plastic waste and using reusable packaging, such as glass bottles, your company can present itself as innovative and attractive.

In this way, your company can easily differentiate itself from the competition by promoting a strong, environmentally friendly brand image.

Glass bottles also ensure the well-being of your employees. They pose no health risk and are more practical and attractive than PET bottles. Thus, the attractiveness and employer brand of your company is strengthened by emphasizing environmental and well-being factors.

Unique and sustainable: Your glass bottles with your logo

What could be more attractive than engraving your company logo on your glass bottles? Verena from the ATRON Systems AG explains why she ordered her glass bottles with her logo via Glassmania.

"We had really placed an order at short notice for glasses and glass bottles with logo. The delivery then arrived on time. The order was completed by Glassmania to our complete satisfaction. We can therefore warmly recommend the company!" Verena from ATRON Systems AG

Your glass bottles, which adapt to everyday office life

The introduction of glass bottles in the company restaurant significantly reduces the amount of waste. In addition, the glass carafes are very practical and perfectly adapted to everyday office life.

The Pure Bottle glass bottles were specially developed by Glassmania and are 100% plastic-free. The sealing ring is made of natural rubber and the cap of stainless steel. The carrying handle makes them easy to carry, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Therefore, this glass bottle is very practical for everyday office use.