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personalised Glass tea cups

Discover all our personalisable Glass tea cups

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Buy clear glass teacups

Transparent teacups are very elegant and allow the tea to shine through. It’s very important to choose the right teacup. On Glassmania, we offer you a wide variety of glass teacups. Glass teacups are, as the name suggests, made from glass. The glass has been heated at a temperature of up to 600 degrees Celsius. Glassmania therefore offers environmentally friendly and reusable teacups, which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Our models are heat resistant and of the highest quality.

Our selection of glass teacups is made up of many different models to suit all tastes. You will find different sizes and shapes, so it's up to you to choose the right tea cup for your needs. If you enjoy Chai Latte, a larger teacup will be more appropriate for your spice blend to infuse well. And if you are a Moroccan tea fan, a smaller, more curved teacup will be more appropriate.

Give your morning tea the final touch of elegance and modernity with an original personalised tea cup.

Create your own personalised tea cup on Glassmania

A personalised teacup is a great gift for anyone but especially for tea lovers! Personalized teacups make a great Christmas, birthday or even family gift. A personalised teacup will always be a much appreciated gift. The glass give the cup a very modern look. You can personalise your transparent tea cup quickly and easily online at Glassmania. You can even choose your favourite mug and personalise it with your friend's image.

Your tea cup personalized with a photo or a logo

On Glassmania, we offer you a wide range of tea cups. These are exclusively glass cups. All these cups can be printed with a photo, a logo or a text. The personalisation of all our glasses is done in the Glassmania printing centre in Switzerland. As glass is a daily used object, the printing is also 100% dishwasher safe. So you can wash the cups as much as you like and the print will remain firmly anchored on the cup.

When it comes to a high quality printing method, the colour is anchored in the glass. It is not a sticker, which can often come off when washed or exposed to high temperatures. So you can pour hot tea into these cups without worry.

An original tea cup as a corporate gift

The possibilities of personalising a tea mug are very wide and can make such a gift very personal and individual. A mug is always welcome, because you need it almost every day if you are a great tea or coffee lover. A transparent mug is a perfect gift for an employee. With an imprint of your logo or a personal text on the glass, you contribute to the well-being of your employees and at the same time strengthen your brand image. A winning combination! Your employees or customers will always be reminded of the company at breakfast or during a break.
Fun tea cups for a birthday present

On Glassmania you can design your tea cup from scratch. There are no specifications as to where you should place the text or image. Let your creativity run wild! You can create original, fun or unusual teacups as birthday gifts. A nice phrase, a motivational slogan or a simple quote will certainly brighten up the recipient's day.

Modern glass cups for everyday use

At Glassmania, you are spoilt for choice. Modern, timeless or whimsical teacups are ready to be personalised. The most popular tea cup in our range is the Icon 32cl cup. It impresses with its timeless appearance. The handle and the beautiful transparency of the glass make the tea shine. For companies or people who like elegance, we suggest the Nadia 28cl teacup. These cups even come with matching glass saucers. The most original teacups in our range are the Ypsilon 22cl and the Mason Jar 49.5cl. The Ypsilon range has a steel handle that can be removed. It’s is a real eye-catcher, as you don't often see such cups!
The Mason Jar can definitely be used as a teacup. The use of the Mason Jar as an original teacup is a trend that has spread from the US to Europe. This cup is not only very modern and elegant, but also will impress anyone with its design. All of these cups can be personalised with the design of your choice.

Printing on high quality tea cups

We attach great importance to the quality of the printing. All mugs are printed and delivered to our printing centre in Switzerland. Each glass is checked before printing and never leaves the printing centre without being deemed perfect. Screen printing is used for the tea cups. Thanks to this printing method, we guarantee that the print is also dishwasher safe. You can print your glasses with up to 6 colours with this method of printing on glass. For this to work, you need a vectorised file. If you need graphic support, please contact us! We will be happy to help you turn your project into reality.

Find all the information about the screen printing method here.

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