No more plastic food containers! The time has come to replace our old plastic food containers with some awesome glass food containers. Yes, this change of habits is a big trend right now. But not only that! Indeed, these glass food containers have many more advantages than you might think.

Why prefer glass food containers ?

The advantages of glass are numerous.


Unlike plastic containers, glass containers do not alter the taste of the food and preserve it optimally. Indeed, glass acts as a kind of natural barrier so that the vitamins and minerals in the food are preserved in the best possible way.


Easy to wash, glass does not stain and is odourless, i.e. it does not retain the taste of your previous preparations.



Glass is very hygienic compared to plastic. It is harmless to health and can be sterilized and reused infinitely.


Glass is composed of three raw materials: sand, calcium and sodium carbonate. It is the only reusable and recyclable packaging that does not release environmentally harmful chemicals into the earth and oceans, unlike plastic packaging.

4 in 1: cook, serve, preserve and carry out with the new Glasslock food containers

Cooking a dish in the oven, serving it at the table, storing leftovers and then taking it away for lunch has never been easier with the Glasslock glass boxes. Save space in your kitchen: goodbye oven dishes, serving dishes, plastic boxes and lunchboxes... and hello all-in-one glass boxes!

Healthy and ecological, these glass food containers will accompany you every day to store your food or do your shopping with zero waste. They are very useful for cooking, preserving and freezing your food and practical for carrying and reheating your lunch outside.

Note: Glass containers are suitable for oven and microwave (without the lid)

All the advantages of glass containers containers


  • Secure alimentary glass
  • hermetic glass food containers
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven up to 230° - without lid
  • Microwave - without lid
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Hermetic - won't spill and retains vitamins
  • Robust - ultra-strong tempered glass
  • Without BPA - healthy materials

The Glassmania Team has tested for you the robustness of the glass food containers

The hermetic Glasslock food containers are ultra resistant. Made of tempered glass, this glass is 3 to 5 times more resistant to shocks compared to conventional glass. And we wanted to experience this. Discover the result on video.

Attention, please do not reproduce this experience at home.

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