Thanks to Glassmania's online zero waste shop, it is possible to lead a more practical and economical life while limiting your waste. As a member of the Zero Waste Switzerland Association, we wanted to share with you some ideas and tips for even more "zero waste" in your kitchen and your daily life.

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Zero Waste Shop: Store your food in glass jars

Private households are responsible for 45% of food waste. This is shown in a report by "No Waste, Let's taste" of the "Food Waste" association of the Canton of Zurich.

Who knows this situation: you cook way too much, store the leftovers in the fridge, forget about them and finally the leftovers end up in the garbage. We show you 5 steps to limit the waste of food in your household:

  • Smart shopping: it is important to plan your needs before you go shopping. Make a shopping list and take a look at your fridge and cupboards to see what you have left (maybe take a photo). Buy what you need, i.e. what is consumed, and beware of tempting promotions and advertising. For smart shopping, choose unpackaged, local and seasonal products. Last tip: don't go shopping on an empty stomach, hunger will encourage you to buy more than you need!
  • Optimal storage: store your food in glass food containers. This can extend the durability. Glass containers preserve the taste of food. Act according to the first-in-first-out principle. You can also freeze food that you do not eat on time. In addition, keep-fresh tins made of glass are also suitable for baking, warming, serving, keeping fresh or freezing food.
  • Correct portioning: we often have eyes that are bigger than our stomach! Try to portion correctly just before cooking. If there is any leftover food, store it in airtight glass jars for better storage. Be creative to use your leftovers in a new recipe or take them with you to eat the next day at work. If you still need to dispose of food, do so in a composting facility near you.
  • Fun with Cooking: take the time to cook, to reduce stress and forget the problems of everyday life. Dedicate one day a week to recycling leftovers (if you do not want to cook or do not have time). You can dry leftover vegetables or herbs or prepare good sauces. With fruit you can make juices, syrups or jams.
  • Enjoying together: cook for yourself, your family, your friends. Too many leftovers after dinner? Share them with your friends or neighbours.

Note: Do not put the lids in the oven or microwave.

Zero Waste Shop: Avoid plastic straws, prefer glass straws

Avoiding the use of disposable plastic packaging and giving preference to sustainable glass packaging, which is available in our Zero Waste Shop, is an integral part of the Zero Waste movement. We reveal the golden rules of the Bea Johnson Zero Waste movement. She is the one who helped popularize the movement and wrote the book: "Zero Waste Home - Happy living without waste! Here are the 5 main points to consider in order to live a healthier and easier life:


  • Avoid single-use products and everything else that you do not really need. For example, prefer reusable straws, like the glass straws on Glassmania.
  • Reduce: The principle "Buy less, but better" allows you to combat food waste by focusing on better quality, local and unpackaged products.
  • Reuse of all your sustainable packaging, such as glass containers
  • Recycling: As a last resort, if you cannot reject, repair or reuse an item, recycle it.
  • Compost your organic waste to dispose of your garbage and save money. Composting is an excellent nutrient for people with a garden.

Filling your reusable glass bottle

With the heat of the last few days, it is important to drink enough. As adults, we should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. It is easy to walk into a shop and buy a water bottle. Only these are made of single-use plastic. In our online Zero Waste Shop we have the solution with the Pure Bottle.

As the glass does not alter the taste, your water retains its natural taste. So you can reuse it as many times as you like! So it's a sustainable investment. Put it in a place where you won't forget it again.

Replace plastic bags with jars of food

There are more and more plastic-free supermarkets in England, Holland and New Zealand. Why not in Switzerland? In the meantime, the trend of bulk grocery shops is on the rise and many retailers now encourage you to bring your own containers. Shopping in bulk is becoming easier. In addition to preserving your food, your glass jars can serve as a trendy container for your food.

Avoiding single-use plastic packaging and using the durable glass containers available in our shop is an integral part of the zero waste movement.

The Zero Waste Shop of Glassmania and its packaging

Help us to recycle by giving your package a future

MyGlass endeavours to keep the packaging as far as possible within limits when sending parcels. The adhesive tape and padding paper inside the packaging are made of recycled materials. Glass remains a very sensitive product for transport, which is why we have to ensure that the inside of the packaging is well protected. Once you have received your parcel, fold the box to save space and then recycle it.