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Personalised champagne flutes

From 15€

Your personalised champagne flute: it couldn't be easier

You choose your favourite personalised champagne flute from our online catalogue, add your logo, your desired text or even a sticker of your choice in our configurator and then, your personalised champagne flute is ready to be delivered to your home. You can personalise your champagne flute with a logo, text or even a photo. 

Personalised champagne flutes for every occasion

  • A customised champagne flute for your wedding
  • A customised flute of champagne as a gift for guests
  • A customised champagne flute for New Year's Eve
  • A customised flute of champagne - For your bar, restaurant or tasting session
  • A customised flute of champagne - for your company


Personalised champagne flutes - quick and easy personalisation at Glassmania !

At Glassmania you will find a selection of different champagne flutes in the online catalogue. All champagne flutes are dishwasher-safe and of very high quality. The champagne flutes can be personalised in the Glassmania glass configurator. In the glass configurator you can choose between screen printing and digital printing. Here you will find more information on both printing methods. 

You can personalise your champagne flutes in just a few steps. You can choose different models or upload your own logo, add names or photos. A special feature is that you can number the champagne flutes or personalise them with individual names. All designs can be printed in relief on the champagne flutes. This further enhances the tactile experience of the champagne flute.


A personalised champagne flutes as a beautiful gift

With the trend for sparkling wines that we enjoy drinking at home, nothing lends itself better than a personalised flute of champagne to toast an exceptional moment. Personalised champagne flutes are often used when you want to celebrate a special occasion. A personalised champagne flute is therefore perfect for celebrating a jubilee, anniversary, or just extraordinary news.

A personalised champagne flute for your wedding

Of course, a personalised champagne flute is also a great surprise for a wedding. Not only for the bride and groom, but also for the wedding guests. The advantage of Glassmania is that you can print a different name on each champagne flute. This way, all wedding guests have their own personalised champagne flute, no one will lose their glass.

A personalised flute of champagne as a gift for guests

2 in 1: A unique guest gift and a beautiful table decoration for your wedding. You can personalise your champagne flute very easily on Glassmania. You can print a photo of the lovers on the champagne flute and finally, for each glass, the names of the guests. The wedding will certainly remain unforgettable when each guest returns home with their personalised champagne flute. A lasting and effective gift for your wedding!

A personalised champagne flute for New Year's Eve

Have you experienced something special this year, or would you like to immortalise your New Year's resolution on a personalised champagne flute? Then don't hesitate and toast the New Year with a personalised champagne flute. The personalised champagne flute will accompany you all year round and will remind you of an unforgettable party.

A personalised flute of champagne - For your bar, restaurant or tasting session

The champagne flute is an indispensable everyday object to celebrate a special occasion in life. A special moment becomes even more special if you celebrate it with a personalised champagne flute. With a personalisation you can strengthen your identity and distinguish yourself from other companies. But how do you choose the right champagne flute for the right type of sparkling wine? The classic champagne flute is a tall, thin glass with a very thin stem. The reduced diameter of the glass serves to reduce the loss of bubbles from champagne or sparkling wine such as prosecco. In addition, thanks to the slightly curved shape, bubbles can be returned and the aromas can develop perfectly.

A personalised flute of champagne - for your company

What could be better than to offer personalised champagne flutes as an end of year gift to employees and customers? A very effective way to thank them for their loyalty throughout the year. In today's times it is of utmost importance that we make lasting gifts and above all, gifts that have a long life span. A personalised champagne flute lends itself perfectly to this trend. With a personalised champagne flute, the customer or employee will always remember your company when celebrating a special occasion.

  • A plastic-free company - the growing trend

The "zero waste" or "zero plastic" principle is in great demand in all companies. With a personalised champagne flute, you can also contribute to freeing our world and especially your company from plastics!


What makes Glassmania unique?



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At Glassmania, you can choose the printing technique that suits your needs. The advantages of each printing method are presented here.


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With the highly advanced glass configurator you can personalise your glasses quickly and easily online. Use your own designs or choose from our wide range of templates. 


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