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Lids and seals

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Lids and Seals: which one fits your bottle or jar?

Suitable lids and seals

On Glassmania you will find a wide range of lids and seals in all sorts of colors and sizes. There’s nothing worse than throwing a perfectly good glass jar away because you lost its lid or seal. Good news, you can find replacements for closing or sealing your bottles and jars on Glassmania’s website.

Buy lids on Glassmania

Glassmania offers suitable lids and seals for big and small preserving jars, jam jars, honey jars, glass bottles, etc.

How to select the right size lid for your bottle or jar?

The cap on your bottle must fit precisely your jar or bottle. Therefore, the jar must have the same diameter as the cap. The TO size indicates the correspondence between the lids and the glass jars. The TO 48 lids will fit to a TO 48 glass jars.

How does the Twist-off system work?

Glassmania's glass jars have a flip system, which, thanks to the slots of the lid retracts under the effect of vacuum for a good sealing of the glass jars. The lids are practical to sterilize your glass jars which optimizes the conservation of your product.

How many sorts of lids and seals do we have? 

White lid TO43 
This Twist-OFF (TO) with a diameter of 43 mm knows a system that is characterized by ridges similar to those on the stem of a glass jar. These ridges will interlock with each other and ensure closure. The seals are equipped with a transparent seal resistant to pasteurization. The pasteurization is recommended at a maximum of 100°C and the sterilization at a maximum of 121°C. This White Twist-Off with a diameter of 43mm lid is suitable for all glass jars with the same diameter.

Lock Eat 68 mm rubber gasket
The natural rubber gasket is sold in sets of 6 pieces and is compatible with the following Lock Eat glass bottles: Lock Eat glass bottle 25cl, Lock Eat Glass bottle 50cl, and Lock Eat glass bottle 100cl. It is recommended to wash them by hand and to use them only once.

Black lid TO48
The Black Twist-Off with a diameter of 48mm is suitable for food contact with oily and non-oily products. For pasteurization heat treatments we recommend a maximum of 100°C.

Black lid TO82
The Black Twist-Off has a diameter of 82mm. This type of lid is suitable for standard sterilization between 115 and 121°C. For pasteurization, we recommend a counter-pressure of a maximum of 105°C. A hot filling and then cooling is the way to go.

Black lid TO70 Deep
The Twist-Off 70 Deep lids match the "Deep" jars, which are sold on Glassmania. The lid has the property that you can see exactly whether the jar has been opened or not. When opening the full jar for the first time, you will hear a small click. The click is a guarantee that the jar has been closed well. This type of lid is suitable both for pasteurization without back pressure up to 98°C or with back pressure up to 105°C and for sterilization at standard temperatures between 115 - 121°C. Filling it while the  jam or sauce is hot and letting the jar cool down is the way to go. 

Advantages of the Twist-off lids

First of all, they have a tight and secure closure and provide a quick opening. They keep everything fresh and durable for a long time. They provide simple and uncomplicated use. No need for preserving clips, plastic, or aluminum foil.

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