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Buy customisable glass mugs

Glass mugs are very much in demand at the moment. The transparency of glass cups is not only convincing when drinking, but also impresses with its appearance. A glass cup is elegant and seeing the tea or coffee in it is beautiful. In a porcelain cup, the contents are not visible in the cup. This is important because nowadays it is possible to make very good quality home-made teas. Perhaps you have already tried adding mint leaves or other herbs to your tea.

This product simply looks much better in a glass cup. Ideal not only for tea, but also for coffee or espresso. A transparent cup in which the black gold is revealed, which is not only reminiscent of TV commercials, but is also a feast for the eyes. Seeing the beautiful frothy layer of coffee gives you a wonderful and beautiful feeling. 

Which glass cups are available?

On Glassmania you can find several customizable cups for tea and coffee. Choose the size and design you like best from our models. All our glass cups are of very high quality and can also be engraved. A perfect harmony between pleasure and appearance. 

Glass tea cups

The shapes and appearance of glass teacups could not be more different.

The classic: the Icon 32cl glass teacup. This teacup is THE classic teacup. With its handle and curved shape it’s very practical. This tea cup is suitable for all kinds of tea. The transparency really brings out the beautiful colour of the tea. With a capacity of 32cl, this tea cup is perfect for tea. 

Professional tea cup: Nadia 28cl. The Nadia glass teacup is very popular with our professional customers. An elegant and modern design, all in glass. The Nadia 28cl teacup is also supplied with glass saucers. Again, this cup impresses with its delightful transparency, which gives every tea its needed sparkle. Even more impressive if you have your logo printed on it! 

The modern tea cup: Ypsilon 22cl. This glass teacup is a very modern example. The strong conical shape impresses with its modernity. The special feature of this cup is that the handle is removable and made of metal. Thus, two very noble materials come together: Glass and metal. The grey colour of the handle is in perfect harmony with the glass cup. 

Glass coffee and espresso cups

Coffee lovers have known for a long time that a good espresso is best enjoyed in a glass cup. The best espresso cups have thick glass walls and a handle. A thicker glass wall is necessary to make sure that the coffee does not cool down too quickly. 

There is nothing more beautiful than coffee or espresso in a glass cup. The black colour of the coffee and the foam at the top are very important. The two most beautiful glass espresso cups are the Nadia 8cl and the Ypsilon 11cl. Both espresso cups have thicker glass walls so that the espresso or coffee stays warm and your hands don't get burnt. 

The Nadia 8cl glass espresso cup comes with glass saucers and they are included in the price. 

How do I properly care for my glass cups?

The care of glass cups is very important, especially if they have been personalised. All glass cups sold on Glasmania are dishwasher safe. As these cups are explicitly designed for hot drinks, they are very heat resistant. 

If your glass cups are customised, please note the following points when caring for the cups: 

  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents
  • Use a short rinse cycle for customised glasses (max. 50°C).
  • As soon as the dishwasher has finished its programme, open it a little so that the steam in it can escape. This technique prevents traces of the drying process.
  • Then let it cool down and avoid thermal shock. A temperature difference of 40°C should not be exceeded.

Create your own cup

A cup can be used daily. Whether you like coffee or tea, a mug is a must for your office and home. Glassmania is a quick and easy way to personalise your mug. All you need is an idea and you can create it in the online glass configurator. 

Glass mugs with handles can be personalised by silk-screen printing from 24 pieces. This type of printing on the glass cups makes the design very dishwasher-proof. 

Personalise your glass mug quickly and easily

A personalised mug for your home is not only trendy, it is also a perfect gift for all hot drink addicts. Your very own, unique mug - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your personalised mug can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

An engraved glass mug is ideal for adding a real personal touch and warmth to your home or as a personalised birthday gift, wedding gift or corporate gift for clients or employees.

Personalised first name and photo mug

One of the most popular gifts is the personalised mug. For a birthday, anniversary or just to make someone happy. You can't go wrong with such a personal gift, as glass mugs are used almost every day. On Glassmania you can print coffee, tea or espresso cups. You can write the name of your best friend or print a souvenir photo on the mug. If you need help with your personalised gift, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Glass mugs with logo

Glass mugs with a logo are very popular. This is especially true for companies. Choosing an eco-friendly mug and printing the logo reinforces the brand identity and attractiveness of the company. Glass mugs, whether for tea or coffee, will certainly make an impression when customers visit. Small or large mugs with a logo are not only suitable for the office, but also as gifts for employees or customers. If you want to present them in a gift box, we can offer you a complete service. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote. We will be happy to help you. 



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