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Glass storage jars

Glass storage jars
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Glass storage jars to store your food

Glass jars for optimal storage of your foodstuffs

Glass is the ideal material for storing foods such as flour, sugar, pasta, rice and much more. Glass does not contaminate the food and does not change the taste of the food. As you can see through the glass, you can tell immediately which food is being eaten.  It also allows you to know if you need to restock a food, which is not so easy when you can't see through the box. 

Are you a bulk shopper or do you want to become one? These easy to carry and fill jars are perfect for you! 

These glass jars are also great for decorating your kitchen. With a printed pattern or phrase they look even better. On Glassmania you can personalise your glass containers according to your wishes. It's very simple, choose your jar, go to the online configurator and let your imagination run wild.

A perfect container for spaghetti!

The Eco Storage 1885 ml jar is the perfect container for storing spaghetti! The wooden seal protects your food and keeps it fresh for longer. Coffee keeps its aroma longer, your cereal stays crisp. 

There are many advantages to using these containers, which are not only practical but also beautiful. The capacity of more than one liter is ideal for 1 kg packages. For example, for 1kg packages of sugar or 1kg of flour.

Practical glass containers

The elongated shape of the jars makes them easy to store. Indeed, as the jars are long, they take up more space on the top. This allows you to put more things on your shelves.

These glass jars are also very easy to fill thanks to their large opening and also very practical to clean. The glass part can be washed in the dishwasher. Be careful not to put the caps in the dishwasher, fridge or freezer, as this could damage them. Lids should be washed by hand.

Personalized glass containers

Is decorating your kitchen very important to you? Then these custom glass jars are perfect. Not only are they beautiful, but on Glassmania you can customize them with a design of your choice. 

Glass jars engraved with the name of what's inside. Glass containers with a beautiful printed design will enhance your kitchen.

It's also a great and practical gift if you're looking for personalised and practical gift ideas to give to your loved ones. Whether it's for their birthday, a special occasion like Mother's Day or just to make them happy.

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