Your personalised and unique shot glasses - the eyecatcher par excellence!

A shot glass as the star of the show

Ever consider having your own shot glasses? A great idea for your next birthday party, wedding, bachelor party or just for your own bar!

The makers of the new satirical talk show "Die Klügere kippt nach - Aline vs. Lisa" had the same idea and have dedicated a show to the shot. A matching shot glass was also created and printed without further ado.

The show, presented by Aline Trede and Lisa Catena, takes place every last Tuesday of the month in the Burgundy Bar in Bern. Each talk has a motto and two guests. "We welcome a local hero from Bern and a national celebrity. The next show will take place on October 30th," says Lea Rindlisbacher from artyfacts.

The glasses are used directly in the show. If Aline or Lisa guess the correct answer in the quiz duel, they take a shot! In addition, each guest receives two shot glasses as a gift at the end. The audience can also purchase the personalised shot glasses for a fee after the show.

Personalised shot glasses with your logo

Shots should not be missing in any bar! Often the funniest group photos are taken when a round of shots is started. Why not take the opportunity to create a sensation with some personalised shot glasses? Nothing easier than that! It’s so simple: choose a glass, upload your logo or slogan, choose a colour and here you go. Your individual personalised shot glasses will soon be on their way to you - even in small quantities, starting at 60 pieces!

Personalised shot glasses for a successful bachelor party

For a bachelor party to be remembered, there's nothing cooler than parading around the houses with your own personalised shot glasses! The glasses can be personalised individually! For example, with a slogan, a photo of the bride or groom, the date of the bachelor party or wedding day..

The right shot glass for the wedding

Celebrate your wedding with very personal glasses. Shot glasses with a funny slogan, a funny or romantic photo of the bride and groom, your name, the date of the wedding day or any other anecdote, provide a real eye-catcher when toasting and are at the same time great photo subjects, a wonderful memory of your wedding celebration and also the perfect guest gift for your wedding!

For example, we love this idea of Julia & Joey's printed shot glasses!

Design your own glass

How would your personal shot glass look like? Try it out now and design your own shot glass. If you like, you can take a screenshot and post it on Instagram or Facebook - don't forget to mark us with #mypersonalshotglass