Cocktails and long drinks offer countless possibilities for variations. Refined and decorated with fruits, herbs and fruit juices, they can be used to create real experiences for eyes and mouth. Cocktail glasses and long drink glasses from Glassmania can even be individually personalised - according to your needs - with names, logos or even pictures!

Inspiration for tall cocktail glasses

Gin Mango Rosemary

Gin can be combined especially well with aromatic herbs and fruits and thus becomes a completely new taste experience!

For this fruity long drink you take tall cocktail glasses and mix your favourite gin with tonic. Then fill the cocktail glasses with ice cubes, lime and mango carvings.  Put some sprigs of fresh rosemary into the cocktail glasses and your aromatic gin is ready!

Our recommendation: cocktail glass Islande 33 cl

Inspiration for premium cocktail glasses


This cocktail recipe is particularly suitable for Valentine's Day or a nice summer evening with friends in the garden.

All you need is a bottle of rosé, strawberries, limes, toothpicks, a freeze-proof container (you can find it here for example) and the matching cocktail glasses or beautiful wine glasses.

Pour the wine into the freezer and put it in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Fill it into the cocktail glasses, rub some lime zest into it and decorate with two strawberry slices, which you stick together on a toothpick or cocktail pick to form a heart. Et voilà, your refreshing Love Cocktail is ready!

Our recommendation: cocktail glass Robusto 55cl and Carré 53cl

Inspiration for tiled cocktail glasses

Pink Vodka

Cranberry juice gives this drink its pretty colour.

Put ice cubes and 4cl white vodka in a cocktail glass or long drink glass (we used the cocktail glass Kaleido) and fill it up with cranberry juice.

Decorate it with fresh mint and slices of lime and your drink is ready in pink!

Our recommendation: cocktail glass Islande Tubo 22 cl

Inspiration for deep cocktail glasses

Vodka pomegranate

Pomegranate - the fruit of the (love) gods

Pep up a simple vodka tonic with pomegranate seeds and slices of lime!

Our recommendation: cocktail glass Stockholm 27 cl