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Exclusive glass engraving with our partner Walla

Do you really know about personalised engraving on glass? With Walla, we offer you glasses to engrave with characters straight out of the Walla books. An exclusivity not to be missed!

How to create your personalised engraved glass ?

On Glassmania, you can easily and quickly create your personalised engraved glass using the online configurator. 

Walla personalised engraved glass on GlassmaniaWalla personalised engraved glass on Glassmania

1. Select your engraved water glass

Select the engraved glass that suits you from our drinking glasses catalogue. An engraved water glass for the home makes all the difference!

2. Choose your favourite "Walla" characters 

By clicking on "customize", you can go directly to the online configurator where you can create your glass from A to Z. We advise you to choose digital printing to print your glasses from 6 pieces. 

Find Banjo, Guido, Manfred or Wolfgang to make an engraving on glass with your favourite Walla characters. Under "Designs" - "Interests" - "Walla" you will find our selection of the best Walla characters to brighten up your neutral glasses! You can then easily change the colour, size and positioning on your glass.

Walla charactersWalla characters

3. Add text to your glass with name

Children have their habits: a certain plate, a certain place setting and also a certain glass! Wouldn't it be great if the glass could be engraved with the child's name? For an even more personal touch, add the first name of each child, and of course the parents, to each glass. A glass with a name on it will make a great impression on the children and definitely a fun meal!

To do this, adjust the quantity of glasses you want to order and go to the "Text" section on the configurator and click on "I want to insert a unique text on each glass". A drop-down menu will appear, in each box you can enter the different names and choose the colour and font. And here is a 100% personalised engraved glass!

If you have any questions or need more information about glass engraving, please visit our printing methods or contact us directly. Our team will be happy to help and advise you on how to create your engraved glass as you imagine it.

About the collaboration between Glassmania and Walla

The publishing house Valexpérience.com offers a playful journey through the Valais region of Switzerland with the Walla books. These are original and modern "search and find" books. Their aim is to discover the landscapes and customs of the Valais while developing children's sense of observation and oral expression.

Originally, Phil, the co-founder of Walla, had the crazy desire to create a unique book for his children. His meeting with Julien, an illustrator and graphic designer, made his dream a reality. After a crowdfunding campaign, the first volume on the emblematic places of the Valais was published. Today the collection continues to develop successfully. Discover the Walla books

Walla Books on GlassmaniaWalla Books on Glassmania

It's a bit the same story with Glassmania. It was in 2015 that David Naselli thought of the possibility of customising his glasses entirely online. The concept of making lens customisation easy and fast, high quality and accessible to everyone was a no-brainer. At that time and still today, this bet became reality is visionary because no other company offers engraving on glass (silk-screen and digital printing) from such a small quantity. Learn more about the history of Glassmania. 

The idea of a collaboration was obvious. Both Walla and Glassmania offer traditional products, books and glasses respectively, which we were looking to modernise. So the idea of personalised glasses with engraving of Walla characters on glass is absolutely brilliant and unprecedented!

Idea: combine your engraved glass with a carafe

Glass engraving is so great that it would be a shame not to combine your engraved glasses with a personalised water carafe. It's a winning combination! Discover all our carafes to engrave.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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Wide range of (high-quality) productWide range of (high-quality) product

Wide range of (high-quality) product

High-quality printingHigh-quality printing

High-quality printing

Dishwasher safe printingDishwasher safe printing

Dishwasher safe printing

Easy personalisation processEasy personalisation process

Easy personalisation process

Variety of printing methods Variety of printing methods

Variety of printing methods

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses and personalise your glass from a minimum order of 1 piece! With 6 million personalisations per year, Glassmania has the know-how to personalise your drinking glasses and bottles in an extraordinary way.

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