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Find you perfect gift box on Glassmania

What is in these gift boxes?

We offer several boxes, the boxes come empty with the custom made shape of a specific product that you can also buy on Glassmania. The custom shape will give a premium impression and will make sure that the glasses, carafes, and other products will remain safely in one piece.

Black gift box 1x carafe Aquaria (empty)
This black box can contain one plain or personalized Aquaria carafe. The box is sold empty and does not include the carafe. The carafe must be added to the shopping cart. A carafe is a very useful object that you can use every day. It is therefore a perfect gift for your family and friends but also for employees or clients.

Black gift box 1x Pure Bottle 2x Primary water glasses
This box can hold one pure bottle and two glasses which have to be added to the shopping cart. The Pure bottle is one of Glassmania’s iconic products and definitely a must have, paired with Personalised glasses it’s the perfect gift.

Black gift box 1x Aquaria carafe 4x Salto water glasses
This black box can contain one Aquaria carafe and four glasses which have to be added to the shopping cart. A matching set with a personalised logo or design is sure to be a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Black Gift Box 4x Robusto 37cl wine glasses
This empty box can hold four robusto wine glasses. You can add them plain or you can create personalised ones with Glassmania’s online configurator. This is a very popular gift set, especially with personalised wine glasses.

On Glassmania we can help you with some gift ideas.

The gift boxes are perfect for giving as an employee gift, corporate gift or personalised birthday gift. Congratulate your employees or thank your customers with a very exclusive gift. The boxes are sold empty, i.e. without the wine glasses or carafes, which must be added to the shopping cart separately. Contact us for any questions about the gift boxes.

Gifts for friends and family

Find your perfect gift box for family and friends on Glassmania, glass products are reusable which makes them long lasting gifts and unforgettable memories.

Gifts for your employees

The gift boxes you can find on Glassmania will allow you to give meaningful gifts to your employees. Not only glass products make very practical, reusable and eco friendly gifts but you can also personalise them with your own brand logo or by adding your employee’s name on the gift. 


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