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Beer mugs are a classic and they are well known to all beer lovers. Their particularity is that they are a large glass with a handle. Mugs have different names in different regions. In Germany, for example, you can hear Stein, Seidel, or Krug. In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, they are called Humpen. In England they are called Tankard or Dimpled Mug.
Beer mugs come in different shapes and sizes. They are available with or without cavities on the glass. Generally, English or American Ales, Czech, German or American lagers are drunk from them.
The very large beer mugs, which are very reminiscent of the traditional Oktoberfest beer glasses, are very popular. Oktoberfest beer mugs are also very heavy and have a capacity of at least one litre. On Glassmania you can buy original beer mugs with an engraving of your logo and text. Let your creativity do the talking! 
The beer mugs are of very good quality and are characterised by their robustness. All beer mugs are printed using the screen printing process. This process ensures that the printing on the glass remains intact for a very long time. Thanks to their thick walls and handles, beer mugs do not heat up when touched. In addition, they are very easy to hold. The mugs in the Glassmania catalogue are also already calibrated. Sealing is essential if you sell beer by the glass. The beer mug is, of course, the symbol of the Oktoberfest and therefore of every beer festival.

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Beer mugs are a must at an Oktoberfest. It's very important that they fit well in your hand and are very sturdy. For the Oktoberfest, we suggest the 1.2 litre Don beer mug. This beer mug is ideal. If you prefer smaller beer glasses, we have the Reno 63cl and Reno 37cl mugs in our range. All beer mugs can be personalised in one colour for a minimum order of 24 pieces, or from 120 pieces for a multi-coloured logo. 

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