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Glass milk bottles

Glass milk bottles

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How to buy the best milk bottles made of glass

Getting your milk from the nearby farm in glass bottles is the latest trend! Our range of milk bottles can be used for both traditional and everyday milk production. With or without personalisation, the milk bottle will fit nicely in your fridge. Don't forget to choose the lid you like the most when ordering.

On Glassmania, you can choose and order online your favourite empty milk bottle. All prices are on a sliding scale, i.e. they vary according to the quantity. You can see the quantity discount directly in your shopping cart. Add a few more bottles to get a better price per piece!

Small milk bottles

If you want to buy a small milk bottle, you can choose from different models. With a Twist Off lid, you get a 26cl TO43 milk bottle. If you prefer milk bottles with a mechanical closure, you can choose between the 20cl Lemonade mini milk bottle or the 25cl Lock Eat small bottle. The Lock Eat range has the advantage of a removable lid and is easy to hold.

50cl milk bottle

There are also different ranges of 50cl milk bottles. There is the standard 50cl glass bottle with a Twist Off lid, the Lock Eat 50cl model or the Lemonade 50cl version. All these milk bottles are of high quality and guarantee an excellent conservation of the dairy products.

1 litre milk bottle

If you are looking for a large 1 litre milk bottle, you can choose between all the models: 1 litre milk bottle with Twist Off lid, 100cl Lemonade milk bottle or the 1 litre Lock Eat milk bottle. All these bottles differ in shape but all ensure that the milk from the farm is kept in perfect condition.

Why choose a milk bottle made of glass?

Milk is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and sweetened drinks. This is an excellent reason to favour reusable packaging or recyclable milk bottles. With a glass milk bottle, you help reduce single-use plastic waste. In addition, glass is a healthy material that does not alter the true taste of milk.

Driven by consumer demand for a more environmentally friendly milk, many small farms are choosing to sell their products in reusable glass milk bottles. You can also visit most farms with your own bottles to fill them with fresh milk. An experience in the heart of nature and milk that couldn't be fresher!

Learn more about the milk bottle trend.

Engraving on transparent milk bottles

Like the Melly Farm in Crassier (Switzerland), you can have your own personalised milk bottles. On Glassmania, the online configurator is very intuitive and allows you to make the engraving from A to Z. Upload your logo, add a text or choose a model from the large selection available!

A personalised milk bottle with a logo is a great way to highlight your business. Customers will be happy to find original packaging and will advertise you by carrying a bottle branded with your logo. A winning combination!

If you have any questions about glass engraving, please do not hesitate to ask about our printing methods or contact us. We also offer a graphics service if required.

How do I clean a glass milk bottle?

Digital printing and screen printing are dishwasher safe. If the bottle is not too big, you can put it in the washing machine. We recommend using the "Glass" programme at a maximum of 50°C.

If you prefer to wash the bottle by hand, you can wash it in hot water with a little white vinegar or baking soda to remove any bacteria.


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