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Jam jars

Jam jars

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Buy pretty jam jars online

From the smallest to the largest capacity, our selection of jam jars meets all your needs. The lid option can also determine your choice; mechanical closure or screw-on lids in different colours, etc. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice depending on the use you will make of your jam jars. For optimal storage, or for any personalised gift, take the time to create your own labels to engrave your personalised jam jar.

Where to find jam jars?

On Glassmania, you can buy your jam jars online very quickly. Our service offers you delivery in Switzerland and Europe as well as a collection point in our branch in Bioley-Orjulaz. You have the possibility to order your jam jars with or without engraving.

Jam jars prices

In our store, the more jam jars you buy the less you will pay per jar, i.e. it varies according to the quantity. You can see the quantity discount directly in your shopping cart. Often you only need to add a few more jars to get a better price per piece!

Which jam jar should I choose?

Our catalogue is full of all kinds of jam jars. The advantage of Glassmania is that the lids are included. You can even choose the colour you want. In order to create an even more personalized jam jar, you can have it printed on by clicking on "Personalize". Choosing between all these different models is not always easy. That's why you'll find some tips below. It is important to have an idea of how big you want your jam jars to be and whether they should be closed with a screw lid or a mechanical closure.

Mini jam jar with lid

Mini jam jars are all the rage. Indeed, they are excellent ideas for wedding gifts or corporate gifts. For example, the 33ml Monodose jam jar will be perfect for a restaurant or hotel. You can also personalise your mini jam jar with your logo on our online configurator. Given the small print area, we advise you not to overload your design. Keep it simple and effective for maximum effect!

Jam jar 200 ml

On Glassmania you can also find small jam jars of about 200 ml. Among the jars of this capacity, we find bestsellers like the small jam jar 225 ml or the Deep jam jar 212 ml. The former is a traditional shape, while the latter can give your jam a real modern touch. It's up to you to choose the style you like best!

Empty jam jar 300 ml

Medium-sized jam jars with a capacity of 300ml are ideal for holding your jam. This is the size you usually find in the shops. The 350ml jam jar is a real must-have. Our customers love it! In this size range you will also find the Deep 314ml jam jar, which has a slim and very refined shape. A great way to show off your product! What's more, each glass jar is 100% customisable.

Large empty jam jar with lid

If you are looking for a jar with a capacity of more than 400 ml, no problem! We also have a range of large jam jars on Glassmania. In this case we recommend the 435ml glass jar or the 500ml Le Parfait, the 580ml Weck or the 500ml Lock Eat jam jars. Find out more about their advantages below.

Le Parfait Jam Jar

Le Parfait jam jars are suitable for your delicious sweet preparations. This brand is an icon in food preservation. The traditional shape is perfect for your home-made jams.

Weck jam jar

Weck is also an iconic brand for food preservation. Therefore, these jars can be used for jam. The disadvantage with these jam jars is certainly the loose parts. In order to close the glass jar, you need the seal, the glass lid and the clips.

Lock Eat jam jar

Lock Eat jam jars are the new generation of canning jars. They are a perfect combination of modernity and practicality. Thanks to their removable lid, they can be presented elegantly on the table and can be easily resealed. Various sizes are available in our catalogue. That's why we're sure you'll find the perfect jam jar to suit your needs.

How do you sterilise jam jars?

Making jam often takes time between picking the fruit and cooking it, so it is important not to make a mistake in the method of storage. With good preservation, a shelf life of several months or even years is guaranteed! Sugar allows food to be stored for months, with all its vitamins and creaminess.

Generally, the most commonly used preservation method is self-pasteurisation. It consists of placing the jam while still hot directly into the jars and then turning them upside down immediately. Be sure to sterilise the glass jars and lids before filling them by boiling them for 10 minutes.

Self-pasteurisation is ideal for jams that are already acidic (pH < 3.9) such as red fruit or citrus jams. For jams that are not acidic enough, such as melon, you can add lemon juice to your preparation or opt for pasteurisation at 90° for 45 minutes. If you don't have a steriliser, you can use a large pan and check the temperature with a thermometer.

Store your jams in a cool, dry place away from direct light. 

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