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Water glasses

Water glasses

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Which water glass to choose?

Water is the drink that everyone needs. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, makes eating easier and cleanses your taste buds. Here are some things to consider when choosing your glasses:

  • Choose a glass with a large volume because water is the most consumed drink at mealtimes.
  • You can also choose a versatile glass with a large capacity to serve all types of drinks.
  • To save space in your cupboards, you can make sure to choose stackable water glasses
  • If you like change, make sure you have several different shapes of glasses to change from time to time or for a special occasion.

Buy drinking glasses online

It is impossible to imagine everyday life without water glasses. We need these glasses every day to drink. On Glassmania you can find several kinds of water glasses. Explore the different shapes, sizes and styles of our glasses and select the one that meets all your criteria. For even more choices, discover the customization options of our original water glasses to add color and fun to your glasses!

Design and trendy water glasses

Water glasses with patterns or embossing are once again very trendy. The glasses you could see in old movies from the 40s or 50s are more popular than ever. These versatile glasses are usually quite heavy, robust and attractive with their polished look and the relief on the outside of the glass. The special thing about these glasses is that they are not only suitable for water, but also for spirits and cocktails. The most popular patterned water glasses are the following:

The Old Fashioned 35cl water glass: As the name suggests, this glass is inspired by another era. The outer wall is characterised by mirror patterns and relief. Such a glass not only beautifies a well decorated table, but also enchants all those who drink from it.

The Kaleido 37cl water glass: This water glass is also characterised by its diamond pattern. The special feature of this glass is that the structure is on the inside of the glass and not on the outside. The advantage of this glass is that it can be customised despite the raised pattern. It is one of the biggest bestsellers in its category.

Modern and timeless water glasses

Modern and timeless water glasses are characterised by straight and simple lines. The transparency and finesse of the glasses play the most important role.

The Inalto 35cl water glass: The undisputed bestseller among water glasses. The slightly conical shape of the glass makes it very noble and elegant.

The Primary 35cl water glass: Reminiscent of a raindrop. The curved shape makes this glass very practical and suitable for all occasions.

Ordinary water glasses

Ordinary table glasses with very straight lines and few frills are timeless. The Cidra 39cl and 55cl drinking glasses are versatile and stand out for their minimalist look, which is also very trendy.

Your very own water glass for a special occasion

If you want to spice up your glasses or are looking for an original gift, we recommend water glasses with personalisation. A perfect gift for all members of the family. At Glassmania you can have your water glasses engraved with a photo, a text or even a personalised design. Water glasses are used every day and are therefore a very durable and meaningful gift.

Personalise your glass quickly and easily

A personalised water glass for your home is not only trendy, it is also a perfect gift for any occasion. Your own original and unique water glass - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your customised water glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

A designer water glass is ideal for adding a real personal touch to your home or as a birthday present, wedding present or corporate gift for your customers or employees.

Using the latest techniques for personalising glasses, we can offer you various creative solutions:

  • Coloured water glass with unlimited colour choices
  • Personalisation with a photo
  • Engraving of a logo or text on the glass
  • Printing a different text on each glass

Engraving: how to create designer water glasses?

All Glassmania glasses are engraved at our printing centre in Bioley-Orjulaz in the canton of Vaud. With more than 37 years of experience in the glass industry and 6 million glasses printed per year, we always find the best solution for each customer. The glasses can be screen printed or digitally printed on the glass. Both types of printing are suitable for the dishwasher.

Screen printing on glass: In order to personalise your water glasses by screen printing, we need a vector graphic. It should not contain more than 6 colours. For screen printing, a printing screen must be made for each colour. The minimum order quantity for the screen printing of your personalised glasses is 24 pieces in one colour and 120 pieces in several colours. This technique is more advantagous for big quantities with few colours and when the glasses will be washed often in one day. The perfect choice to print designs on glasses you will use for big occasions, like a wedding, a big anniversary or even the village festivities!

Digital printing on glass: If you want to personalise your glasses with a digital print, all we need is an image file. There are no limits to the colours that can be used. With digital printing, you can even print a relief on your glass. Another special feature of this type of personalisation is that you can print different names on each glass.

Which glasses can I personalise?

All the glasses in the Glassmania catalogue can be personalised with a text, a logo or an image. The price of the engraving on the glasses is calculated according to the number of glasses you order. This means that our prices are degressive. In your shopping cart you can see the discount applied. The more you increase the quantity, the lower the price per piece.
For all exceptions or if you have any questions in this area, please contact us. We will be happy to help you create your most beautiful gift.


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