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Brandy glasses

Brandy glasses

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Buy personalised brandy glasses

Discover our selection of brandy glasses. For an optimal tasting of your brandy, we recommend you to choose a glass with a tulip shape. This chalice shape with a stem allows a better concentration of the aromas. Once you have chosen your glass, have fun creating a personalised glass to enjoy brandy with an original personal touch!

brandy is a very special brandy produced in France and designed to be enjoyed. A tasting in a personalised glass with an engraving is ideal. Finding the right glass for your brandy can be a real challenge, depending on your taste.

Drinking your brandy in a transparent glass will enhance its colour. The colour of a brandy is very important in determining its quality. Not just any glass can be used for a brandy, it must be chosen with care. If this glass is also engraved, everything is done for an excellent brandy tasting!

A set of designer brandy glasses for connoisseurs

When it comes to brandy, the right glass has to be chosen. Depending on the strength and taste of the brandy, you want the aromas to develop more or less strongly. 

On Glassmania, you can choose the set of brandy glasses quickly and easily and even add an engraving.

We will show you which brandy glasses have which characteristics. These characteristics will certainly help you to compose the ideal set of brandy glasses for optimal tasting. 

What type of glass for brandy?

The ideal brandy glass is a stemmed glass, as all connoisseurs know that heating brandy can alter its aromas and flavours. As for the shape of the chalice, the advice is to choose a tulip glass like the Distisuisse glass or a balloon like the Dégustation glass. The size and shape of the glass play an important role in the release of the aromas.

Tulip brandy glass

This brandy glass has a very modern look, perfect for capturing the aromas of brandy. It is the choice of specialists. Indeed, this glass is ideal for capturing the essence of brandy.

With its narrower shape at the top than at the base, this glass will concentrate and circulate the aromas in an optimal way to sublimate the brandy. At Glassmania we strongly recommend the Distisuisse glass to enjoy your brandy.

Balloon brandy glasses

The balloon glass is a traditional glass and certainly the first one you think of when looking to buy a brandy glass. A glass like the Dégustation glass will not only sublimate the aromas of brandy, it will also be an aesthetic pleasure to delight your eyes.

An engraved brandy glass as an original gift idea

Sustainable birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts are a must-have. The theme of sustainability is omnipresent. The purpose of a gift is to please, but also to be reused and last over time. Personalised gifts are highly sought after and for brandy lovers, there is nothing better than enjoying a brandy in an engraved brandy glass.

That's why nothing is more appropriate as a gift idea than to create a personalised brandy glass. This gift will not only delight a brandy connoisseur, but also a brandy beginner.

On Glassmania you can personalise brandy glasses with an engraving from a minimum order of 6 pieces. The glasses are not only printed with a simple one-colour engraving, but with any colour you wish!

In the online glass configurator, you can customise your brandy glass quickly and easily. Whether you only want to have a first name, a special date or even a photo printed on the brandy glass, everything is possible for the creation of this 100% original gift.

The ideal gift for brandy lovers

A brandy glass can be as different as the brandy itself. A brandy can be enjoyed in good company or alone by the fire.

All brandy lovers love their brandy glasses. A glass should not be chosen without thought. That's why a personalised brandy glass is an excellent gift. 

A personalised brandy glass with engraving for your wedding

Do you know a brandy lover who is getting married soon? Then we have a special surprise for you: a personalised brandy glass for the wedding. You can personalise the brandy glass with the name of each guest at a wedding, it's a wonderful souvenir gift. And the advantage of a unique and personal glass is that you don't get the glasses mixed up. 

A personalised brandy glass as a guest gift

It can be difficult to choose an appropriate gift for a guest. It should be useful, but not too expensive either. A personalised brandy glass meets exactly these criteria. It can be used not only as a table decoration but also as a gift for your guests.

So this gift idea has two uses: on the one hand as a decoration and on the other hand as a guest gift, for example for a wedding. As glass is an everyday object, this gift will be used again and again and the memory will never fade. 

An engraved brandy glass for a stag or hen party

A stag or hen party should be celebrated in the right way. If there are brandy lovers among the partygoers, engraved brandy glasses are a must. For a special touch, these glasses can be personalised with each person's name. Instant WOW effect!

Engraved brandy glass as a corporate gift

Every year you ask yourself the same question: what to give your business partners, employees or customers as an end-of-year gift? If you are in the spirits business, an engraved brandy glass is the ideal Christmas gift.

In this day and age, it is extremely important that gifts last. An engraved brandy glass is therefore the ideal way to please your employees, partners or customers. With a brandy glass engraved with the company logo, customers, partners and employees can be thanked for their loyalty and trust.

Every time your customers use it, they will remember your company. An engraved brandy glass is therefore an excellent idea to strengthen the relationship with your customers and to stand out from other classic and traditional corporate gifts.



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