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Buy customisable shot glasses

On the Glassmania online shop, you can buy shot glasses with or without personalisation. Our service offers you delivery in Switzerland and Europe as well as a collection point in our branch in Bioley-Orjulaz.

All shot glasses in our online shop have a degressive price, i.e. it varies according to the quantity. You can see the quantity discount directly in your shopping cart or the glass designer. Often you only need to add a few more glasses to get a better price per piece!

Personalised shot glasses are a great product if you want to mark a special event. Customised shot glasses with your logo are a great marketing tool that can be done with relatively simple materials and have an exponential return on investment. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from to make your custom shot glasses. Read below the different steps to make and take care of your custom shot glasses.

Where to buy original shot glasses?

Are you on the lookout for new trends and looking to stand out? With personalised shot glasses, this is not a problem! You have two options: either you buy a standard shot glass without printing, or you decide to have your shot glass personalised to your liking by choosing the colour, text and positioning on the glass.

How much can you pour in a shot?

Generally speaking, a shot glass is a glass with a capacity of 3 to 10 cl, used mainly for drinking alcohol of varying strength. These glasses are designed to be drunk in one swift movement and in one go. This tradition comes from the cowboys in the famous American saloons. There are many different recipes. The shot can be made of a pure alcohol or of a mixture with very tempting colours.

Why customise your shot glasses?

At parties, shot glasses are not always enough. And for good reason, personalised shot glasses, whether for a party or for an event, allow the organiser to offer a unique experience to their guests and to stand out from the rest. All you have to do is choose the message you want to put forward with your personalised glasses. It is possible to send a message to the guests, show your brand, or to announce the next party date. Personalised shot glasses are a real added value to enhance an event or a brand and offer a lasting souvenir. Every guest will remember the message engraved on the glass.

How to make custom shot glasses

With the ability to customize your shot glasses, it's easy to find a unique shot glass to suit your taste. It is easy to create engraved shot glasses on Glassmania. Thanks to the online configurator, you can quickly create the design you imagine. A personalized shot glass with a text, a logo or a photo - everything is possible! Moreover, the number of colours is unlimited and you can have them printed from only 6 pieces with the digital printing method.

Choosing the right glass

Before you start customising, you need to choose your custom shot glass from our online catalogue or directly from the glass configurator, there are many to choose from like the cheerio 3.4cl shot glass, the 6cl islande shot glass and the 3.4cl hot shot glass

Choosing the printing method

Once you have chosen your favourite glass, you need to select the printing method you would like to use for the glass. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Opt for digital printing if you want to personalise your shot glasses from 6 pieces. With this technique, you can print a photo or a design with an unlimited number of colours. You don't need a vector file for uploading, a photo in .jpg or .png format with a minimum height of 1,000 pixels is sufficient! In addition, this method allows you to print a different text on each glass. A great idea to write the first name of each guest!
Choose screen printing if you want to personalise at least 24 pieces in one colour or at least 120 pieces in two or more colours. This technique is especially recommended for logos if you have a vector file.

Choosing the design

Here you enter the glass configurator! In this interface you can create the design you want for your glass. You can see the 360° rendering around the glass directly on the left side of the screen. Choose a template from various popular themes, enter your text and choose the writing style and colour or upload your own file. You can then change the position and size of each element. 

Once you are happy with the result, you can move on to the next steps. Don't forget to save your design in case you want to finish it later.

If you need help with your custom shot glass, please contact us. We also offer a graphic design service. You can even choose the option of getting your design checked before putting your product in the shopping cart in order the opinion of our experts.

How do I wash the personalised shot glasses?

When you receive your order, carefully unpack your engraved shot glasses and wash them before the first use. Use the "glasses" programme of your dishwasher with a maximum temperature of 50°C and a short cycle. Avoid aggressive detergents. Once the wash cycle is complete, allow your glasses to cool down before picking them up. In our complete guide to glass care, you will find all the tips you need to ensure a long life for your custom shot glasses.

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