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Honey jar 33ml TO43

Technical Data
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Height40.5 mm
Diameter43 mm
Filling capacity33 ml



Price per unit without personalisation € 1.31

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Honey jar 33ml TO43
Honey jar 33ml TO43


Total price € 1.31


    Honey jar 33ml TO43 overview


    Offering personalised honey jars with engraving

    At a wedding or a special event, it is very popular to offer small pots as a gift to your guests. By personalising or engraving these small jars, they become a unique gift for a wedding, a birthday or simply to give to a loved one. These small honey jars can be personalised from 6 pieces. An engraving on a honey pot will always be worth it and it will make your little pot unique.

    A small honey jar with the name of each guest.

    Thanks to the digital printing process on glass, you can personalise your honey jar with the name of each guest. The small jar can be personalised not only with a name, but also with the design of your choice. As long as the design remains the same, you can print as many jars with as many different names as you like. 

    The greatest thing is that this little pot is not only a very original gift for your guests, but it can also be used as a placeholder to sit guests.

    A honey jar as a table decoration

    Honey jars can also be decorated with the design of your choice and used as a beautiful table decoration. You can design your honey jar as you wish for any occasion. In the Glassmania glass customisation tool, you can choose from different models or customise the pot with your own design. Whether it's for Christmas, a christening, a birthday or an anniversary, this personalised pot will delight everyone and every guest will leave with a memory they won't soon forget.

    Honey pots as a special gift

    Nothing beats a useful, lasting and exceptional gift. This applies not only to guest gifts, but also to gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or surprise parties.

    A honey pot with an engraving meets all these criteria. It is the ideal gift: food lovers will be delighted to eat the honey, it is sustainable because the container can be reused and it has a special sentimental value because the mini jar has been engraved as a souvenir of an unforgettable event.

    Honey jar 33ml TO43

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