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Wine glass holder

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Portable wine glass holder inclusive support straps

Buy a wine glass holder from Glassmania

The Glassmania wine glass holder is a great accessory for wine lovers who want to keep their glass within easy reach. This product is designed to keep the glass hanging around your neck so you do not have to hold it all the time. The hands-free drink holder keeps the stem of the glass below the bowl, keeping it steady so the wine does not spill.

The product is lightweight and stored conveniently in a purse or pocket. The material is durable and flexible and can thus be applied to any red or white wine glass. The base consists of PVC with matching black straps and includes two snap-on hooks for the ultimate hands-free degustation experience.

Glassmania offers you a portable hands-free glass holder so you can not forget it somewhere !

Are you going to a wine event soon?

This stylish cup holder is a great gadget for wine enthusiasts. It can also be useful when you often lose your glass at a wine-tasting event or during party time. If you are going to a wine event soon, you have to try out the wine glass holder, success is guaranteed!

Did you ever think it was impractical to walk with a wine glass in your hand? 

If you ever thought it was impractical to walk with a glass of wine in your hand, Glassmania offers you the solution. No need to hold your glass all the time. No fear anymore of losing your wine glass. Try it out and discover that is a luxury.

Do you like wine tastings? 

In case you like wine-tasting events, our accessory might be something for you. These events are the perfect opportunity to taste different kinds of wines. They offer you to stay up-to-date with the latest wine trends and show you how to pair them with food.

In order to enjoy this event more, Glassmania offers you an opportunity to keep your glass within easy reach. Therefore this high-quality product is perfect for wine lovers who like wine-tasting events but don't like to carry their glasses.

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