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Water carafes

Water carafes

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How to choose the best water carafe?

From a classic shape to a more modern one, there is something for everyone. Before choosing the shape or design of your carafe, ask yourself how much water you need daily. In our catalogue, you will find the small 0.5 litre Ypsilon water carafe. A practical half-litre if you are alone at home or for small tables in restaurants. In all other cases, we advise you to choose a large water carafe of 75cl or 1 litre.

Next, you should ask yourself what you want to use your carafe for. What will you use it for? Glass water jugs are very practical and an excellent way to reduce waste. Their large opening allows you to put in ingredients to make an infusion: lemon slices, mint leaves, pomegranate, the possibilities are limitless. Even if your tap water is very chlorinated or hard, the large opening of the carafes allows you to slip in ceramic beads for example for a Zero Waste purifying action. They are very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.Discover all the advantages of our water jugs.

Glass water jugs such as the Ypsilon or Aquaria models are real eye-catchers. Placed on the table, the carafe you choose will be able to combine practicality with the elegance of the glass. All the ranges proposed on Glassmania are of the highest quality. Glass has the particularity of being odourless, i.e. it does not leave any smell.

Water jugs with a stopper are ideal to use at the office for example. The screw cap, like the one on the Moonea water carafe, is very useful to avoid any risk of spilling on the desk. The Pure Bottle, on the other hand, has a mechanical closure that is very practical if you plan to take your bottle with you everywhere. If you are often on the move, this is defintely the one for you! As well as being customisable, you can also choose the colour of the natural rubber seal that comes with it. 

For a 100% unique decanter.

Create your own water carafe with Glassmania

On Glassmania, you can buy personalised water carafes. This type of object offers a large printing area. Ideal to let your imagination run free. Your own unique glass carafe - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite water carafe from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Each glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

A personalised carafe is ideal for adding a real personal touch to your home or as a birthday present, wedding present or company gift for clients or employees.

Original water carafe with motifs, text, photo

From the online glass configurator you can start creating your work of art. In the "Templates" tab you will find various stickers available to brighten up your glasses. Add your own text or slogan easily. You can choose the font and the colour. The great thing is that you can even upload your own photo or logo directly. 

Design water carafe as a promotional item

Your zero waste office dream can come true thanks to glass water carafes. Surf on this trend by opting for glass instead of single-use packaging. By offering water directly from a water cooler, your employees can easily fill their glass and carafe. In addition, by personalising your carafe with your logo, you not only contribute to the reduction of waste but also to improve your image of a sustainable company. 

If you need help with the personalisation or the size of your file, don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form or ask for a quote. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to buy the best glass water jugs?

On Glassmania, you can find a selection of customisable water jugs. You can buy the article you want plain or with a personalized print. When you buy your carafe from our online catalogue, you can be sure that it will be delivered quickly according to our deadlines.

Quantity discount: all prices on Glassmania are degressive. This means that they vary according to the quantity. Increase the quantity in your basket to get a better price per piece! 




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