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Find the best customisable glass flasks

In our online catalogue you can find reusable glass flasks. The Pure Bottle is the ultimate glass bottle. Practical, modern and robust, it can be taken everywhere with you. It has been specially developed by Glassmania to meet your daily needs. Its 75cl capacity is ideal for all days at the office, at home or on the move. It has a wide opening so you can easily fill it with your favourite drink and clean it afterwards. In addition, it is made of a very resistant glass which makes it ideal to accompany you throughout your day. Who has never dreamt of a personalised water bottle? On Glassmania, you can choose the colour of the seal but you can also personalise the whole bottle.

The advantages of an ecological glass bottle

Opting for a reusable bottle is an excellent way to reduce plastic packaging. These days, environmental concerns are omnipresent. There is an urgent need to find alternatives to single-use packaging in order to protect the environment. This includes not only the oceans and continents far from home but also our local natural environment. Our meadows, forests, mountains and lakes must be respected. At Glassmania, we have found a solution: the Pure Bottle. This glass bottle has been specially designed to meet the needs of consumers.

Customizable glass bottle

The large bottles offer a large printing area that allows you to be super creative. With this large print area, you can tell your story all around the bottle. Choose a monochrome or colourful design depending on your personality or needs. In any case, personalised bottles are very original.

Thanks to digital printing, you can now print your bottle from just one piece*! Create your personalised bottle as you wish, there are no limits to your creativity. A photo, a text, a design and any colour you want can be printed on your glass bottle.

With screen printing, you can print a vector file in .svg or .eps format. This is ideal for a bottle with a logo. The minimum order quantity for this type of printing is 24 pieces for one colour and 120 pieces for two to six different colours.

Learn more about our printing methods here.

*The price for a single piece is high due to the large amount of manual work involved. We recommend that you order more bottles to get a better price per piece. On Glassmania, you can benefit from quantity discounts with our sliding scale prices. You can see your final discount directly in your shopping cart.

A reusable glass bottle

Glass is the ideal solution in the fight against plastic packaging. Environmentally friendly glass bottles can be used over and over again. So you can use them as many times as you want!
A practical glass bottle

With their 75 cl capacity, Pure Bottles are ideal for drinking all day long. Their perfect seal ensures that nothing leaks out of the bottle when it’s closed. Very practical for travelling! The large opening also allows you to add your favourite ingredients to your water: lemon slices, mint leaves or pomegranate seeds. The possibilities are limitless and you can easily make yourself a different drink every day of the week! Moreover, its large opening also makes it very easy to wash to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

100% plastic-free glass bottle

The Pure Bottle boasts a 100% plastic-free seal and ceramic closure. Its glass construction is healthy because no plastic residues are present in the water that you drink. Glass is also very hygienic compared to plastic. It is safe for your health and can be reused indefinitely.

Easy to transport

This bottle is available with or without a handle and in different colours: blue, red or white. Choose a bottle with a handle if you want to take it with you and carry it easily. In fact, most of our Pure Bottle customers choose a bottle with a handle because it makes their life easier.

A durable glass bottle

The glass of the Pure Bottle is very thick, so it is also very strong and robust. Everything is made to last over a long time. Thanks to the stainless steel closure of the glass flask, the metal does not rust. Let’s not forget that glass is a recyclable material. Used glass is melted down and transformed into new glass very simply and without loss of material properties or quality. Let’s encourage a cycle that minimises waste on the planet for better sustainability!

An odourless glass bottle

Glass is odourless, so you won't have to worry about the lingering smell of your favourite drink lasting through washes. Whether you put water, fresh fruit juice or any other beverage in your bottle, once it's washed, there's no smell left.

A modern and attractive glass bottle

The design of the Pure Bottle is very modern and attractive. The shape of this model has been especially designed by the Glassmania team, always aware of the trends in the glass sector.

Glass bottle company Zero Waste

More and more companies are choosing to go plastic-free in the office. Plastic cups and PET bottles are no longer part of the landscape. The ideal alternative is to opt for reusable packaging such as glass. Glass is a noble material that will show a positive image of your company on the way to Zero Waste. Not only does it make your company look innovative and environmentally friendly, it will also delight your employees and customers. In addition to choosing this material for your office or company restaurant, you can create your own personalised glass bottle with your logo in our online configurator.

Create your own glass bottle

A personalised glass bottle for your home is not only very stylish, it is also the perfect gift for all lovers of good drinks. Create your own unique glass bottle - it's easy! Choose your favourite model from our catalogue, select a sticker or create your own design from scratch. Each glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

A personalised water bottle is ideal for adding a real personal touch at home or for giving as a birthday present, wedding present or company gift to clients or employees. Use your imagination to create a 100% original and customised gift.

A personalised bottle with logo

As a company, choosing glass allows you to stand out. By having your company logo printed on it, you can further strengthen your brand image. Upload your logo directly into the glass configurator to create a flask with your company logo. Thanks to digital printing, you can even print each bottle with a different text. A perfect combo is to have the logo printed at the bottom of the bottle with the first name of each employee in the centre. A limited edition for each employee or client that will make them feel unique. Moreover, a personalised water bottle makes an excellent corporate gift idea.

If you need help with personalisation, please contact our team who will be happy to advise you.

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