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Cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses

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Where to find personalised cocktail glasses ?

On Glassmania, you will find a large choice of customisable cocktail glasses. All these glasses can be personalised online quickly and easily with an engraving. There are many different types of cocktail glasses. Depending on the cocktail, you have to choose the right cocktail glass. Only with the right cocktail glass does the drink become meaningful. With a cocktail, it is not only the taste that counts, but also the appearance of the cocktail. If we say that we "eat with our eyes", then this also applies to "drinking". The shape of the glass in which a cocktail is served makes a big difference, and even more so if it is an engraved glass! Choose a cocktail glass from our catalogue for your home or your bar and personalise it for a 100% guaranteed wow effect.

You also know the situation in a bar: you are served a cocktail that looks so good that you are already convinced just by seeing the cocktail glass! The more attractive and eye-catching a cocktail is, the more likely it will be tasted by other customers or consumers and shared on instagram. 

Which glass for which cocktail?

The different types of cocktails are more colourful than ever. The focus is more than ever on  well looking cocktails. For every cocktail there is a special glass to drink it from. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the spirits mix differently in the glasses. 

In recent years, the craft movement has led to the creation of many new types of spirits. As a result, the importance of a cocktail glass has become increasingly meaningful. It is no longer enough to serve a cocktail in an ordinary glass. We’ll show you which original cocktail glasses are in vogue.

Long drink glasses: for the classics

Long drink glasses are professional, straight and slender cocktail glasses.  Among the classics are the Iceland Tubo 22cl long drink glasses or the 33cl cocktail glass. These long drink glasses are used for a wide variety of purposes and can be found in almost every bar. They are characterised by their robustness. They are very resistant to shocks and have a reputation for being timeless and functional. These glasses are the most popular in the catering industry because they are easy to handle, easy to wash and suitable for many types of long drinks.

The most popular Long Drinks: long drinks are usually a simplified version of elaborate cocktails. Long drink glasses contain fewer ingredients than cocktails, usually only 2 or 3 ingredients. These ingredients are usually an alcoholic beverage and a filler such as a fruit juice or soft drink. Here are the most popular cocktails, ideally consumed in long drink glasses: 

  • Whisky Cola
  • Gin and tonic
  • Lemon vodka
  • Cuba Libre
  • Moscow Mule

The long drink glasses are not only robust, they are also suitable for daily washing in the dishwasher. On Glassmania you can order your long drink glasses with an engraving. Perfect to highlight the image of your bar or restaurant. Thanks to the online glassware configurator, you can print your logo, slogan or simply your personal design on the glasses. The printing is also dishwasher safe. 

Cocktail glasses with relief for a trendy drink

On Glassmania we offer various cocktail glasses with a pattern. The Old Fashioned cocktail glass set in 35cl and the long drink version in 47cl are probably the most beautiful and modern glasses. The relief or pattern of the glasses are a reminder of the old days when cocktails were really celebrated. These old classics are very trendy again and they are perfect for a stylish bar or even at home. 

The disadvantage is that these patterned cocktail glasses cannot be personalised because of the relief on the glass. However, if you still want to personalise a cocktail glass with a relief, we have the solution. The Kaleido 37cl cocktail glass has a relief on the inside of the glass. This means that this glass can be personalised with an engraving. It is very popular with customers as it has a modern look and a very practical conical and stackable shape. 

These glasses are all multi-purpose. You can serve cocktails in them as well as many other drinks. Interesting if you don't want to have too many different kinds of glasses to store in your cupboards.

Which glasses to drink mojito?

Ah that great classic! The mojito cocktail deserves its own glass. On Glassmania, you will find perfectly adapted glasses like the Old Fashioned 47cl mojito glass, the Kaleido 37cl mojito glass or the Granity 65cl glass.

Which glass to drink spritz?

Spritz glasses: large, elegant cocktail glasses on a stem. Large cocktail glasses with a stem are very elegant and simply perfect for preparing fancy multi-ingredient cocktails. These glasses are large enough for easy mixing. The best we have to offer are certainly the large Robusto 55cl cocktail glass with its modern shape and the Mirror 58cl cocktail glass, with a style reminiscent of relief glasses which gives the glass a very attractive appearance. Thanks to their large filling volume, they can be used to create many different and innovative cocktails. These large cocktail glasses are known to make perfect spritz glasses. The balloon of the glass is ideal for mixing prosecco, Aperol and soft drinks together with some ice cubes.

Original cocktail glasses for modern or sophisticated cocktails

Modern cocktails should be served in an original cocktail glass. To catch the eye of consumers, a particularly original shape is a detail that will make a difference. With the Erlenmeyer 50cl cocktail glass, you are sure to make a splash! You can match this glass with a glass straw for an even more sensational effect! If you are offering refined and revisited cocktails, the large 27cl Atelier flute is ideal as a cocktail glass.

Hurricane cocktail glasses for holiday cocktails 

The Hurricane cocktail glasses are reminiscent of the cocktails you can enjoy on holiday at the beach. On Glassmania, you can order the Hurricane cocktail glass online. Perfect to give a nostalgic touch to your cocktail! 

Your personalised cocktail glass quickly and easily

The cocktail glasses in the Glassmania catalogue are all customizable except for the patterned glasses. Go to the online glass configurator to create the custom cocktail glass of your dreams! You can upload a photo or a logo and add your text. There is also a selection of free designs available to spice up your personalisation. See the result and finalise your order by adding your creation to the basket.

All our glasses benefit from exceptional quantity discounts. You can see your discount directly in your shopping cart. Add a few more glasses if you want to enjoy a better price per piece.

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