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Which beer glass should I choose?

On Glassmania you can find several types of glasses to enjoy different types of beer. Round, elongated or stemmed, we are sure that an original beer glass from our catalogue will meet your expectations. Discover our beer glasses that can be customised according to your specific needs: Tulip beer glasses, Pils beer glasses, Pints beer glasses, Weizen beer glasses, Beer mugs, Drinking jars, Beer pitchers or even beer glass kits.

Our advice to guide you in your choice

  • Choose a tall, slender beer glass for a light beer
  • Choose a round, low beer glass for a complex, aromatic and full-bodied beer
  • Choose a small beer glass for special beers

Our suggestions just for you

In recent years, craft breweries have been booming. That's why it's obvious that you should choose the right glasses for every beer. There are many types of beer glasses. However, it is always difficult to find a beer glass that is suitable for all beers. Here are the different types:

Tulip beer glasses

Tulip beer glasses are characterised by the fact that they all rest on a stem. This type of beer glass is probably the most popular in the world and also the most often used for beer tasting. This style prevents the beer from heating up and the thin walls give the beer a very elegant look. Newer beer glasses, such as Belgian Beer glasses, are excellent for specialty beers, pale ales, dark beers or amber beers.

Pilsner beer glasses

As the name suggests, these beer glasses are suitable for all Pilsner beers. They are also ideal for those who are new to the world of beer. Pilsner glasses are ideal for light and very light beers. These glasses are often found in restaurants.

Pilsner beer glasses

Pints are smaller Pils glasses. These beer glasses were named after the old room measure of the USA and Great Britain. We recommend these beer glasses for beers with a low carbon dioxide content. As the pints are usually filled to the brim, it is best to hold them at an angle when filling.

Weizen beer glasses

These beer glasses are known for their size. They are usually very tall and long and have a very narrow waist, which opens slightly at the top. Weizen beer glasses are ideal for wheat beers, as the carbon dioxide must rise to the top very slowly.

Beer mugs

Beer mugs are large, heavy beer glasses with a handle. These glasses are very reminiscent of the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Drinking Jars as beer glasses

The trend that came to Europe from the United States a few years ago is still popular. Many craft brewers now use canning jars as beer glasses.

Craft Beer Glasses

Craft Beer glasses are high quality and noble glasses. These glasses have been designed to taste and enhance craft beers. One of the bestsellers is the Sensorik 42cl glass. Thanks to the large cup and the narrow opening, the beer's aromas are optimally developed. A must for every beer lover. 

A personalised beer glass with engraving

The perfect beer should not only be drunk out of the corresponding beer glass, but should also be visually convincing. With a personalised beer glass, you can improve the image of your brewery by strengthening its identity. The personalised glass becomes a great souvenir! A personalised glass that leaves a lasting impression in your mind is more easily remembered. Beer glasses can be printed with the following motifs

  • Your brewery's logo
  • A slogan or text
  • A seal or a dispensing gauge can be added
  • A photo or design in the colours of your choice

The perfect beer glass for any occasion

A personalised beer glass is not only particularly meaningful for any brewery, but also makes a great gift for staff or a beer lover. Craft beers, in particular, are drunk from beautiful, special beer glasses.

An engraved beer glass or personalised beer mug is ideal for adding a real personal touch at home or for giving as a birthday present, wedding present or company gift to customers or employees. We will show you some ideas on how you can use your personalised beer glass:

A beer glass with your photo

A beer glass with a photo is a very innovative gift for a birthday or special event. The beer glass becomes unique and the beer lover will surely appreciate it. At Glassmania, you can personalise glasses with a photo from only 6 pieces. 

Personalized beer glass with logo

The logo of a brewery is very expressive and can be printed in colour. Printing on beer glasses has never been so easy. All you need is the logo and an idea of how you want your logo to look on the glass. Whether it's in one or more colours, the print on the glass is sure to be remembered.

A personalised beer glass as a promotional gift

If you are looking for an unusual and durable promotional gift, we can only recommend a personalised beer glass. They can be used almost daily! 

An original beer glass for customers and employees

At the end of the year, you always wonder how to thank your employees or customers for their work or cooperation during the year. With the online glass configurator of Glassmania, you can even personalise your beer glasses individually with the name of the employee or customer. This hyper-personalisation is sure to make a lasting impression and will not be forgotten in a hurry. 

Printing on beer glasses

Beer glasses can easily be printed online. All you need is an idea and a design. Once you have found your glass in the online catalogue, you can print it online. Download your design or choose one of our free designs. If you need help with customisation, we will be happy to advise you. 


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