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Tulip beer glasses

personalised tulip beer glasses

Discover all our personalisable Tulip beer glasses!

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What types of beer glasses are there? 

There are many different beer glasses for many different beers. At Glassmania you will find the perfect beer glass for your favourite beer. Depending on the beer, a different glass is needed. Since there are many different craft beers with very different tastes, it is obvious that not all glasses are suitable for all beers. Many glass manufacturers have made it their mission to develop the right glass for every beer style. We’ll explain which types of tulip beer glasses exist and which beer is suitable for them. 

Why choose a tulip beer glass?

Tulip beer glasses are very popular. As the name suggests, this glass is shaped like a tulip. Characterised by a large chalice and a narrower bulbous opening. The Tulip beer glass is both elegant and ergonomic. It is similar to a balloon glass but instead of closing, it reopens like a chalice. Its particularly flared rims facilitate the serving of very effervescent beer and allows the formation of a nice head. The curve of the glass also helps to concentrate the aromas and the spout of the glass is also very ergonomic. Each glass has a more or less pronounced tulip shape.
This glass is ideal for beers that require intensive aroma development. The bulbous cup of the glass allows the beer's aromas to develop well and are concentrated by the narrower opening of the glass which intensifies the tasting experience. 
It is and remains the most popular beer glass among beer lovers. Not only visually, but also haptically, this glass is convincing. It is also very popular because it is suitable for many different beers. 
In our selection of tulip beer glasses, you will find different models of customisable beer glasses, from the most classic to the most original. They all share the flared, rounded shape of the chalice, which offers a large opening and allows the beer to develop its full aroma. Speciality beers, amber beers, dark beers or pale ales are usually served in tulip-shaped beer glasses. 

The best tulip-shaped beer glasses

Tulip-shaped beer glasses always look similar, but there are still some differences. Find the best customizable tulip glasses in our online catalogue. 
Belgian Beer tulip glasses: At the top of the list are the Belgian Beer glasses, which are very popular because they are suitable for all kinds of beer and are also very durable thanks to their so-called "one-piece" construction. Belgian Beer glasses are the latest generation of tulip beer glasses. The special feature of these glasses is that they are made from a single piece of glass. This makes the glasses more robust, as there are no weak points. These beer glasses are impressive with their perfect balance between weight, functionality and aesthetics. The Belgian Beer glasses are available in 38.4cl and 47.3cl. 
Tulip beer glass with a large stem: A glass with a stem, such as the Robusto glass, is an original beer glass for exclusive beer tasting. After all, why not enjoy your beer as you would a wine? The high style tulip glasses are very elegant and are increasingly used for beer tasting. The most famous of them are the Teku beer glass, the Sensorik beer glass and the Robusto 55cl beer glass. All these glasses have been developed to offer an optimal tasting experience in style. The beautiful round shape of these beer glasses allows the aromas to develop perfectly. The very narrow opening and the rounded shape of the rim allow the taste to develop well in the mouth. These new beer glasses are for the real beer experts. Their shape is very reminiscent of wine glasses. These glasses are ideal for prestigious beers that need to be examined closely. On Glassmania you can create your own tulip glass or Teku glass!

Create your own tulip glass with Glassmania

On Glassmania, you can personalize tulip beer glasses with your logo or a text. The engraving is either made with the silk-screen or digital printing processes. You can choose the printing method in the online glass configurator according to the quantity you want or the number of colours of the design. Personalised tulip glasses are particularly suitable as gifts or souvenirs. Beer glasses are also often engraved for breweries to reinforce the brand identity. All the beer glasses offered on Glassmania are dishwasher safe. Their printing is also resistant to washing for a long lasting glass! 

Customised tulip glass with logo

Logos of different colours and shapes can be engraved on the tulip glasses. The print area on this type of glass is ideal for highlighting a company or brewery with personalised glasses. There are almost no limits to the design of the beer glass. For professional beer glasses, you can have a fill line printed on the glass. If your restaurant or bar sells beer by the glass, the glass must be marked.

An engraved glass as a gift

A personalised tulip glass is an excellent gift for any beer lover, family member or birthday present. You can create your own personalised glass from just 6 pieces. If you wish, we can also create a gift box to match the beer glass. This is not only a gift for family and friends, but also a gift for employees. A corporate gift should be durable and leave a lasting impression. With a personalised tulip glass as a gift, you can't go wrong. It's an item that is needed (almost) every day. We'd be happy to help you work on your custom beer glass project. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help. 

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