Companies start using glass carafes

personalised glass carafes

Today, glass carafes are very trendy and easily replace plastic bottles in companies. Imagine your office, your company restaurant or your coffee break without plastic... The dream!

Opt for a unique and exclusive glass carafe

At Glassmania, we have decided to help you make your dream come true. The glass carafe is not only a guarantee of quality and healthy for the employees but also an opportunity to highlight the brand image. Indeed, all the water carafes on Glassmania can be personalised with your company logo. You can even add the name of each employee thanks to digital printing! Learn more

Discover our models of customisable carafes:

  • Pure Bottle glass bottle: Perfectly versatile for employees between office and home office. Can also contain sparkling water with a maximum of 4 g/l CO2.
  • Aquaria glass carafe: elegant and handy, perfect for serving water or fresh fruit juice
  • Ypsilon water carafe: a timeless classic of high quality. Also available in a small size of 5dl.
  • Moonea reusable bottle: practical with its re-sealable cap. Can contain sparkling water with a pressure resistance of 3 bar.

Success story:the personalised water bottles from miniSchoggi

miniSchoggi GmbH is a company that offers many different courses, private and professional events around the themes of pastry, desserts and chocolate. 

Andrea Brun explains:

"During the courses, we try to ensure that the knowledge is passed on as easily as possible by professional confectioners and that the physical well-being of the participants is maintained. In addition to small snacks or, depending on the length of the course, lunch, there is of course also enough water. At the end of each course, we had many PET bottles to throw away. We were always aware that this was neither ecological nor practical. At first we looked for one-litre glass bottles for a long time, but they were nowhere to be found. Finally, we decided that we had to stop using PET.

personalised water bottles from miniSchoggipersonalised water bottles from miniSchoggi

We finally came across Glassmania on the Internet. The idea of a personalised carafe appealed to us immediately. Beautiful glass bottles with our logo are now used at each of our courses. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. So much so, in fact, that we have since added the bottle to our online shop here. With over 3000 products, it is currently the largest Swiss online shop in the pastry and chocolate sector. So naturally we wanted to support other Swiss companies.

Glassmania appealed to us for several reasons. A personalised water bottle fits naturally with our philosophy and our offer of courses and events for individuals or companies, which can also be customised. Glassmania offered exactly what we were looking for, a way to get away from PET in an enjoyable way. We got in touch and talked to their excellent customer service. Before long we had our first personalised carafe in our hands. The quality of the bottle and our logo convinced us, so we ordered more glass bottles.”

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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Wide range of (high-quality) productWide range of (high-quality) product

Wide range of (high-quality) product

High-quality printingHigh-quality printing

High-quality printing

Dishwasher safe printingDishwasher safe printing

Dishwasher safe printing

Easy personalisation processEasy personalisation process

Easy personalisation process

Variety of printing methods Variety of printing methods

Variety of printing methods

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses and personalise your glass from a minimum order of 1 piece! With 6 million personalisations per year, Glassmania has the know-how to personalise your drinking glasses and bottles in an extraordinary way.

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