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Companies are switching to glass carafes

Plastic bottles are still too often found in offices. However, there are sustainable alternatives such as glass carafes. Since July 2021, there have been extensive bans on plastic in order to reduce waste.

Laptop with a personalised glass carafe and glass in a conference roomLaptop with a personalised glass carafe and glass in a conference room

By choosing glass carafes, you are demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. Unlike plastic bottles, which often end up in landfill or the oceans, glass carafes can be used over and over again. This considerably reduces your ecological footprint and helps to preserve our planet.

What's more, glass carafes offer a better tasting experience. Glass is a neutral material that doesn't alter the taste of drinks, unlike plastic, which can sometimes leave an unpleasant taste. Your employees will be able to fully appreciate the aromas and flavours of the drinks they consume. What's more, it poses no health risk. 

In terms of practicality, glass carafes are also advantageous. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring impeccable hygiene. What's more, they're aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of elegance to your business. You can personalise them with your logo or name, reinforcing your brand image and visibility.

In conclusion, by choosing Glassmania's glass carafes, you're choosing an environmentally-friendly, healthy and attractive solution for your business. You'll stand out from the competition by highlighting your commitment to the environment and the well-being of your employees. Take a step towards a more sustainable future and choose Glassmania's glass carafes.

For meeting rooms: glass carafes with style

A glass carafe is not only a guarantee of quality, it is also a way to enhance the image of your brand. Thus, on Glassmania, all the water carafes can be personalised with the company logo. When a client arrives in an office for a meeting and sees on the table a beautiful glass carafe with the company logo instead of a PET bottle, it reinforces his first impression: durability and elegance!

Check out our customisable glass carafes:

  • Aquaria glass carafe: elegant and very handy, perfect for serving water or fresh fruit juice
  • Ypsilon water carafe: a timeless classic of high quality. Also available in a small size of 5dl.
  • Moonea water carafe: practical with its re-sealable cap. It can contain sparkling water with a pressure resistance of 3 bar.

You'll also find personalised gift boxes for the Aquaria carafe on our website if you want to give a personalised gift to your customers or colleagues in a very elegant box.

Case Study: Univerre Pro Uva SA opts for glass in the office

Plastic is not only harmful to our health, it is also harmful to nature. It is therefore important for companies to change their way of thinking and consider alternatives to all the plastic waste they produce on a daily basis.

Is this possible? We say YES! Univerre Pro Uva loves and lives the culture of sustainability. As a company specialising in the distribution of glass bottles and drinking glasses, industrial bottle cleaning and the decoration of glass packaging, it does not want plastic in its business.

CEO Fabio Naselli Feo of Univerre Pro Uva explains: "As a glass company, it is logical that we do not want to see PET bottles in our offices. In order for Univerre's glass and sustainability culture to be lived, we have implemented many small things to make life easier for employees and to enable them to live this culture in their private lives as well."

Laptop with a glass bottle of water in the officeLaptop with a glass bottle of water in the office

At the glass decoration site in Bioley-Orjulaz, water fountains have been installed throughout the production area. A glass bottle was personalised for each employee with the company logo and their name. This means that the employees can fill their glass bottles all day long. The plastic waste from PET bottles has been drastically reduced. In addition, water in glass bottles is available at every company location. 

Today, glass carafes are very trendy and easily replace plastic bottles in companies. A glass bottle that can be refilled several times can significantly reduce plastic waste. Not only does this allow companies to position themselves on sustainability, but it is also a chance to work on the brand position. Thanks to Glassmania, the glass carafes can be personalised, which gives them added value.

The Pure Bottle - A 100% plastic-free glass bottle.

The Pure Bottle is a real all-rounder. This glass bottle is not only 0 plastic, it is also airtight. The Pure Bottle can be ordered with or without a handle, which makes it ideal for meetings. The wide opening makes it easy to pour and drink water directly from the bottle.

The special feature of this product: The handles are stainless steel and therefore this bottle can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems. Depending on the brand logo, the natural rubber seal can be ordered in different colours. If the bottle is to be filled with water fountains, it must be ensured that the glass bottle does not contain more than 4 g/l of carbonated CO2 water.

Success Story: The miniSchoggi carafe

MiniSchoggi GmbH is a company that offers numerous courses, private and professional events on the subject of pastry, desserts and chocolate.

Andrea Brun tells us: "During the lessons, we strive to ensure the easiest possible transfer of knowledge by professional confectioners as well as the physical well-being of the participants. In addition to small snacks or, depending on the length of the course, lunch, there is of course also enough water. At the end of each course, we had many PET bottles to throw away. We were always aware that this was neither ecological nor practical. At first we looked for one-litre glass bottles for a long time, but they were nowhere to be found. Finally, we decided that we had to stop using PET.

We finally came across Glassmania on the Internet. The idea of a personalised carafe appealed to us immediately. Beautiful glass bottles with our logo are now used at all our courses. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. So much in fact, that we have since added the bottle to our online shop. With over 3000 products, it is currently the largest Swiss online shop in the pastry and chocolate sector. So naturally we wanted to support other Swiss companies.

Glassmania appealed to us for several reasons. A customizable carafe fits naturally with our philosophy and our offer of courses and events for individuals or companies, which can also be customized. Glassmania offered exactly what we were looking for, a way to get away from PET in an enjoyable way. We got in touch and talked to their excellent customer service. Before long we had our first personalised glass bottle in our hands. The quality of the bottle and our logo convinced us, so we ordered more glass bottles."

Coffee-to-go cups - a symbol of excessive waste

Coffee-to-go cups used to be a symbol of style, but now all we see is the excessive waste they generate. It goes without saying that reusable cups should be the solution. But for the office, this is not the most aesthetic option.

Univerre Pro Uva has found a solution: "In our company, we do not only supply water, but also coffee. We didn't want those disposable coffee cups lying around in the office and flooding the waste bins. We decided to provide coffee to all our employees and we personalised glass coffee cups and, of course, glass tea cups with our logo," explains Fabio Naselli, CEO of Univerre Pro Uva. He continues: "This has not only allowed us to reduce waste, but also to amaze our customers with the elegance of these cups.

Personalised espresso cup for a companyPersonalised espresso cup for a company
Personalised espresso cup for a companyPersonalised espresso cup for a company

Customised glass coffee and espresso cups


Elegance and simplicity: that's what you get with glass coffee cups. We don't want to deprive you of the most beautiful personalised glass coffee and espresso cups.

Do you also want to rid your company of all plastic waste? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Glassmania has a B2B department that can advise you.

No more excuses, it's time to use glass!

Many companies find it difficult to switch to glass, as they always have the cost of logistics in mind. But isn't the well-being of nature and the improvement of your brand image worth more than a little logistical effort to clean up the glasses?

We all are in this situation: we invite a client to a meeting in our company and the first thing we ask is of course if we can offer something to drink. Serving drinks in disposable plastic or cardboard cups unconsciously damages the company's brand image.

The first "wow" effect in acquiring a new customer is always the first impression, as this is the one that counts the most. By replacing disposable cups with attractive customised glasses, the first impression will certainly be positive.

Do you want to rid your company of all that plastic waste? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Glassmania has a B2B department that can advise you in the best possible way.

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Easy personalisation process

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