The trend towards milk in glass milk bottles is on the rise! Who has ever dreamed of fair, sustainable and regional milk in glass bottles? So how can you change your consumption habits while saving time and money? We have the answers to these questions.

For fair, sustainable and regional milk in glass milk bottles

After water and soft drinks, milk is the third most consumed beverage in the world. Imagine all the milk bags that are thrown away after each use!


With the growing environmental concerns of many consumers, it is now possible to drink milk and reduce waste! Glass bottles have the advantage of being reusable and recyclable. In addition, milk retains its true taste in glass packaging.


Due to consumer demand for environmentally friendly milk, many small players in the market are choosing to sell their products in returnable glass bottles.

From the cow to the consumer

One trend in the world of distribution is the direct procurement of food. The aim is to buy milk directly from the farmer.

We are all "consumer actors"!

Without many intermediate stages, the trader can thus pay the farmer a fair price for the milk, resulting in better farming conditions.


Does this trend correspond to the current requirements of a generation that wants to save even more time? Yes, because milk in glass milk bottles can often be delivered to your home. Moreover, this practice helps to restore the important link with the producers. The exchange with the producer enables you to be better advised and to express your gratitude. Of course, with this practice we can also know exactly where the milk you consume comes from and even learn how it is produced.

Keep your milk or other food in personalised glass milk bottles

The Ferme des Melly in Crassier has personalised its glass milk bottles with its logo and the address of the farm. When Thibault Melly was contacted, he answered our questions about his screen printing project. A small producer, he owns a milk dispenser (unpackaged) and has decided to create his own glass milk bottles to "celebrate the occasion" so that customers will remember his farm. Following an ecological approach, he sells his glass milk bottles so that everyone can come back to buy his milk unpacked. By reusing the glass bottles, no packaging is wasted. Furthermore, these customers are very satisfied with Lock Eat milk bottles, which are easy to clean, and with a dishwasher-safe print they will be remembered for a long time.

Reuse glass milk bottles

Glass milk bottles are not only suitable for storing milk, but also for other foods. The trend towards unpackaged shopping continues. Many people use glass milk bottles to store food such as rice, pasta or cereals. With this method of storage, you are not only trendy, but you can also reduce your waste.