You're a fan of Aperol Spritz, but with the return of winter and the cold weather, you'd rather enjoy a hot drink? Let yourself be tempted by a hot Aperol - the warm version of the famous Aperol Spritz.

On hot summer days, there's nothing better than an Aperol Spritz to cool down. This Italian classic is simply unbeatable. But when winter arrives, it's replaced by hot drinks that bring warmth and comfort.

It's not for nothing that mulled wine, punch and similar delights enjoy great popularity in winter, not only at Christmas markets, but also in the warmth of one's own home.

That's why we'd like to introduce you to a new winter drink, derived from the famous Aperol Spritz cocktail. It's a delicious alternative for chilly evenings and seasonal festivities. This delight, perfect for winter evenings, harmoniously combines unique flavors and embodies the very essence of conviviality during the colder months, plunging you into the festive atmosphere of the end-of-year festivities.

What's the ideal glass for a Hot Aperol?

To bring out the best in your Hot Aperol recipe, the choice of glass also plays a big role. What could be better than a glass with character and an elegant shape that is usually used for cognac?

At Glassmania we recommend the Amercia 20's cognac glass, the flared shape of which captures the subtle aromas of the Hot Aperol blend and its sophisticated design enhances the presentation of this drink. Let yourself be enchanted by the perfect symbiosis of style and taste!


The timeless recipe for a Hot Aperol

Ready for an enchanting winter cocktail recipe? It's so simple: keep the classic ingredients of the Aperol Spritz, replace the Prosecco with a white wine, add a blend of spices, such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise, to enrich the aromas and a hint of orange juice. Then simply heat all the ingredients, without bringing to the boil, assemble them carefully and serve in the Amercia 20's cognac glass. This is how you create a drink that not only warms you up, but also enchants you with its elegance and sophistication.


2dl Aperol
2dl white wine
juice of half an orange
one orange slice
one cinnamon stick 
spice mix

Your unique personalized Aperol glass

Enjoy every sip of this trendy cocktail, carefully prepared in a personalized glass for an incomparable taste experience. Immerse yourself in the comforting warmth of this exquisite beverage, delicately scented and elegantly presented in a personalized cognac glass.

Discover an extensive selection of customizable cocktail glasses to perfectly recreate this hot cocktail recipe, offering an exceptional taste experience. Among these options are must-haves like the 46.5 cl Mixology cognac glass, perfectly designed to sublimate the delicate aromas of every hot drink, as well as the 33 cl Iceland cocktail glass or the Merlot Robusto 55cl, ideal for savoring your hot cocktail creations with refinement.

These carefully selected choices are just a few examples from a vast range of customizable cocktail glasses that will meet your expectations and inspire your creativity.


Each glass offers a unique tasting experience, allowing your hot cocktails to flourish in a perfectly matched glass. Choose the glass that suits your style and express your passion for hot drinks through elegant, personalized presentations.

Let yourself be seduced by this harmonious combination of flavors, where every individually designed detail enhances your taste experience. Enjoy a special experience in every moment, captured in this bespoke engraved glass and revealing the full splendor of your on-trend cocktail.

Creative trend cocktails: Hot cocktails with Campari, gin and more !

If Aperol is not your preference, explore your creativity by mixing hot cocktails with Campari or gin. Let yourself be seduced by these elegant spirits and their unique flavor profiles to create hot drinks that will amaze your taste buds. With a world of infinite variations and a wealth of flavors just waiting to be explored, these delicacies provide the ideal breeding ground for inventing original hot drinks to suit your personal tastes.

Let your imagination run wild and surprise yourself with new, delicious creations that conjure up warm and unforgettable moments. Now it's your turn! Immerse yourself in the adventure of flavor diversity and discover how you can create your own fascinating world with every sip. Let every moment become a feast for the senses !