The new Lock Eat jars are a real innovation: stainless steel lids, a lid with a natural rubber seal and therefore 100% plastic-free!

The lid can be easily removed, so that you can put the jar in the dishwasher or in the microwave.


Lock Eat glass jars are available in all variations. With a simple lid, a mechanical closure or even with a glass lid. We offer you the new Lock Eat glass jars. Lock Eat glass jars are designed to preserve all kinds of food.


Lock Eat jars are not only suitable for preserving food. The trend to use glass jars as decoration is increasing rapidly.


Lock Eat preserving jars are available in different sizes and shapes. Also available as glass bottle.


The Lock Eat preserving glass jars: From the pantry directly to the table !

The Lock Eat preserving glass jars - Available in different sizes and shapes

The popular Lock Eat preserving glass jars with lids are also available in a wide variety of designs. With screw or hinged lid, in traditional or modern look. New and extremely practical are the preserving jars from "Lock Eat". They are used for the airtight storage of preserved fruits, compote and jam, but also for pickled vegetables such as pickled gherkins and antipasti and ensure a long shelf life for the food. But that is not all! Thanks to their modern and simple design, they make a great trap in the open kitchen cabinet and even on the table, and can be opened particularly elegantly thanks to the novel closure.

Lock Eat glass bottles

Lock Eat's glass bottles are perfect for preserving a variety of beverages: fresh fruit juice, milk or your homemade sauces. The lid is made of glass and the seal is made of natural rubber.