As a big fan of juices in the summer, we all want to feel that intense and tasty feeling of hydration. That's what fruit juices stored in glass bottles bring. So, can we combine taste pleasure with respect of the environment? The Glassmania team will explain you everything.

Juices to save the planet

From an early age, we learned the importance of trees on our planet. But did you know that planting fruit trees could be a solution to limit global warming? In addition to producing local fruit in your garden, planting fruit trees, such as apple or apricot trees, has a positive impact on the environment. These plants will act as filters and thus reduce the level of CO2 in the air. Indeed, CO2 is essential for fruit growth. The fruit tree is enriched with CO2 to increase the size of the fruit and its sugar content. This is what makes them so delicious.

But how many trees would be needed to fight global warming?

"In 2015, biologist Thomas Crowther counted the number of trees on the planet for the first time and came up with the figure of 3,000 billion, or about 422 trees per inhabitant. According to a new study by the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, it would be possible to add another 1,000 billion trees, which would reduce the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere by 25%.

Why use bottles made of glass?

More and more producers of fruit drinks are choosing glass bottles. Indeed, consumption habits are changing and the trend is towards glass. Glass bottles are synonymous with quality and durability and allow optimal protection and conservation of the flavours of each fruit. In addition, glass remains odourless, which is ideal for a variety of pleasures!

The right glass bottles for you

Whether you make your juices at home or buy them from a local producer, the glass bottles respect the flavours. Your favourite drink of the moment will be tastier than ever!

Discover the range of glass bottles suitable for storing your fruit juices, milk and sauces.