The origin of the humidor

A journey through the centuries of preservation.

This fascinating story, which began in the 19th century, is rooted in a time when connoisseurs set out on a quest to preserve the quality of their tobacco. At that time, the appreciation of a cigar was already a delicate art and it was necessary to create an optimal environment for its preservation.

The term "humidor" has its origins in the Spanish word "humedad", which means humidity. This etymology underlines the crucial importance attached to maintaining the ideal humidity level in order to preserve the freshness and exquisite flavours of cigars.

Over the centuries, cigar boxes have evolved far beyond their original function as simple containers. They have developed into true masterpieces in the art of storage. They combine ingenious craftsmanship with technological innovation. This development reflects the enduring passion of cigar lovers for their art and the constant adaptation to modern storage requirements.

Choosing a humidor is a commitment to a centuries-old tradition of preserving the flavourful heritage of cigars. Each box thus becomes the guardian of a heritage and preserves the essence of the cigar from generation to generation. When we discover the origins of the humidor, we embark on a journey through the centuries and explore the development of this delicate art.

The essential role of humidity

The preservation of cigars depends on maintaining a certain level of humidity. These boxes are equipped with hygrometers that create an ideal microclimate inside. This preserves the freshness and flavour of the cigars for months or even years.

These precise built-in hygrometers constantly monitor the moisture content inside the box, ensuring that the cigars are kept in the best possible conditions. The extremely moisture-resistant bamboo, in combination with the hygrometer technology, ensures a perfect environment in which the unique flavours of the tobacco are preserved.


High-quality materials

The humidors, which are made from high-quality materials such as bamboo, also see the elegant introduction of glass. The glass creates an elegant showcase that highlights each cigar like a work of art.

This fusion of high-quality materials provides a refined visual experience while maintaining the integrity of the optimal environment necessary for storage. Choosing a humidor is choosing the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. This provides a complete view of your valuable collections, allowing for visual appreciation while maintaining the optimal environment.


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The advantages of a compact humidor

The smaller humidors are the ideal solution for mobile cigar lovers or those who prefer a smaller collection. These humidors are portable and allow any cigar lover to enjoy their favourite cigars at any time. The easy access that these compact models offer becomes a great advantage, allowing the cigar experience to be enjoyed without space restrictions.

In addition to practicality, opting for the smaller humidor is also due to a more personal and intimate approach to cigar enjoyment. With a smaller collection, each cigar takes on a special meaning, creating a deeper connection between the collector and their selection. The compact model is thus transformed into a faithful companion, ready to fulfil the collector's wishes wherever they may be.

Two sizes tailored to your needs.

At Glassmania, we understand that every cigar lover has unique needs. That's why we offer you the choice of two sizes to ensure you find the perfect solution to house your precious collections.

Our spacious 2400ml version has been specially designed for passionate collectors who want a generous capacity to house their diverse collections. With plenty of space available, this humidor becomes a sanctuary where each cigar can rest in optimal conditions. Whether you collect cigars from different origins or want to build up a varied stock, this size ensures optimal storage.

Our second version with 1250 ml offers a more compact and practical option and proves to be the ideal companion for cigar lovers on the go. The smaller size does not compromise its commitment to optimal humidity, ensuring the preservation of your precious tobaccos.

Elegant personalisation

Personalisation is at the heart of the experience offered by the 1250ml humidor. Cigar lovers can now print their wishes on their box using screen or digital printing. This personalisation goes beyond aesthetics and creates an intimate connection between the collector and their cigar box.

Personalisation becomes an artistic expression where every detail is carefully considered to reflect the owner's taste. Screen and digital printing offer endless possibilities to create unique and personalised designs. Each cigar box becomes a functional work of art, merging enjoyment with individual aesthetics.


Customised corporate gifts: assert your brand with elegance!

Corporate gifts play an essential role in strengthening business relationships. Imagine giving your partners, clients or employees a customised cigar box that proudly displays your company logo.

These elegant gifts offer a memorable and sophisticated experience that will leave a lasting impression. Choose to turn any business occasion into a celebration of excellence with gifts that reflect professionalism and commitment.


Personalized gifts for him: Celebrate the unique with elegance

If you'd like to give a meaningful gift to a loved one, be it your father, friend or husband, opt for a personalized cigar box.

Add a personal touch by printing their name, a special date or even a declaration of love. This personalization goes beyond aesthetics, creating an intimate connection between giver and recipient. Make every occasion an unforgettable experience with gifts that reflect the unique personality and taste of your loved ones

An investment in excellence

Investing in a Humidor cigar box transcends mere cigar storage. It's a commitment to the art of tasting, a way of preserving and appreciating the richness of their flavors.

When you choose a Humidor humidor, you're investing in conservation excellence. These humidors not only guarantee freshness, but also preserve the integrity of the flavors. Every tasting experience becomes a celebration, thanks to the optimal environment carefully preserved by your Humidor humidor.