The perfect birthday gift has to be lasting and unforgettable. With a well thought-out birthday gift, you can't go wrong. That's why we've collected the best sustainable birthday gifts for you that fit in with the zero waste and zero plastic trend.

1. Personalised wine glasses - a sophisticated birthday gift!

Wine glasses, beer glasses or water glasses have become an integral part of everyday life. With the whole Zero Waste movement, it's obvious that you should opt for glass glasses instead of plastic ones. How cool is it to receive personalised wine glasses as a birthday gift?

"I love wine, music and my friends. Celebrating 50 years of age called for a good drink in a worthy glass. My friends loved it and found the personalised glasses very classy. Bonus, they could all take one home as a souvenir." 

Sandrine Moesching-Hubert, 3 carrés architecture sàrl

A slogan, a picture or even a decorative motif can be printed on a glass. The best part? Customised glasses can be washed in the dishwasher without having to worry about the print fading.

2. Glass straws - the perfect birthday gift for cocktail lovers!

Glass straws are the perfect product for a birthday present. They are a sustainable alternative to reduce plastic consumption in the household.

Glass straws look good and feel good too. In addition, they are very practical as they can be easily washed in the dishwasher. A perfect gift for all cocktail lovers who want to use plastic straws anymore.

3. Glass bottles - the perfect birthday present to use everyday

According to the RTS (swiss television) report, glass bottles are becoming increasingly popular, mainly for ecological reasons. A glass bottle can be filled several times and infused with your own aromas. With a personalised glass bottle, there is no need to buy new PET bottles. This birthday gift is particularly suitable for people who spend a lot of time at the office.

It is very important to drink enough water during the day. That's why the Glassmania Pure Bottle has a filling capacity of 75 cl and is ideal for daily use in the office. Thanks to its practical handle, it can be carried comfortably. Whether neutral, personalised or with a design from Glassmania: the glass decanter is an eye-catcher on any office table.

4. Jars or jam jars - A delightful birthday present for your mother!

Who can resist Mom's homemade preserves and jams? If these homemade specialities are packed in nice, personalised jam jars but everyone will love them even more. Home-made specialities are always associated with great emotions. That's why it's important to pack them in unique glasses. 

Personalised jars or jam jars are certainly a unique and touching birthday present for every mother.

5. Personalised champagne flutes - a perfect birthday gift for a jubilee celebration

A jubilee is always an important and special event. Among the most special anniversaries are probably the 18th birthday, the 25th birthday, the 50th birthday or the 65th birthday. For all these birthdays you are always looking for an extraordinary gift that will be remembered for the rest of your life. 

If you want to celebrate your birthday with a toast, it is a good idea to use personalised champagne glasses. These can be personalised with a name, the year or with a special design. Try it now!

6. Personalise your own glass for a birthday, it's quick and easy!

Like Sandrine, creating your own unique glass for your 50th birthday party is a great way to give your guests a lasting gift. Now it's your turn! Upload your own design with the birthday boy or girl's image or use one of the many models available.

Glassmania makes it quick and easy to personalise your most beautiful glass from 6 pieces. Thanks to the personalisation, you will be able to tell your story at 360° around the glass. The print is dishwasher safe.