Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas? Every year we ask ourselves the same question: What will I give my loved ones for Christmas this year? For us, Christmas gifts in 2023 will be sustainable and original. With a well thought-out gift, you can't go wrong. That's why Glassmania has selected the best ideas for customisable Christmas gifts that fit the Zero Waste trend.

What is the best gift for Christmas?

The best gift is always the one that best suits the person. That's why personalised gifts are so trendy. With personalisation, each gift becomes unique. With Glassmania, you can personalise every article in our catalogue with a text, a photo or a logo. A great idea for a Christmas gift if you don't have any ideas in mind yet!

How to find a Christmas gift idea?

Finding lasting and original Christmas gifts is what makes Christmas so exciting. It's not always easy to find the perfect Christmas gift, because it has to fit each person. With these 6 original Christmas gift ideas, you won't disappoint anyone because we have gathered:


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1. Personalised glasses - An original, refined and touching Christmas gift idea!

Drinking glasses are an integral part of our daily lives. Why not make these objects unique to avoid getting bored too quickly? Personalised wine, beer or water glasses are the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. A slogan, design or logo can be printed on a glass. As well as being a unique Christmas gift, personalised glasses are also a durable gift as their printing is dishwasher safe..

Christmas gift idea for wine lovers

The choice of a wine glass is always important for a true wine lover. You can either choose different glasses for each type of white, red or rosé wine. Or you can opt for universal glasses that allow for optimal tasting of each wine. In any case, the most important thing is to make this glass unique. With the personalisation on Glassmania, you can add a text, a photo or a logo. An exceptional gift that will certainly make people jealous!

Christmas gift idea for beer lovers

If your friends are true craft beer lovers, then they need an amazing glass. A personalised beer glass allows for a whole new drinking experience. For example, you can have the name of your band or your friends' favorite slogan engraved. Choose a beer glass from the many customizable glasses in our catalog and then personalise it in our online configurator. If you are looking for a versatile glass, choose the Nonic range of beer glasses, which are perfect for most craft beers.

Christmas gift idea for your whiskey loving dad

Is your dad or your best friend a big fan of old whisky or whiskey? The personalised whisky glass is an absolutely brilliant Christmas gift idea. The next tastings will never be the same! The whisky glass engraved with the first name or the favourite logo is sure to become the taster's favourite glass because it tells a story.

You can also choose other customisable glasses such as water glasses, cocktail glasses, gin glasses or liqueur glasses.

2. Glass straws - A great Christmas gift idea for a Zero Waste household!

Glass straws are not only an original but also a sustainable Christmas gift. The resolution to use less plastic and reduce waste per year can already be realized with the Christmas gift to get the good resolutions of the year started. Indeed, glass straws are the perfect gift for more "zero waste" in your household! This intriguing Christmas gift is suitable for the whole family, your friends or colleagues. Catch the eye this Christmas by customizing the glass straws in our online configurator.

3. personalised glass decanter - A Christmas gift idea for the whole family!

Glass carafes are a great idea for a Christmas gift that meets a real physical and ecological need. Carrying, filling and reusing a glass bottle allows you to drink enough water every day without having to buy new PET bottles. Personalised glass jugs can be a Christmas present for the whole family. For example, each member of the family can receive a personalised Pure Bottle glass flask. The Pure Bottle from Glassmania has a filling capacity of 75 cl and is ideal for everyday use at home. Thanks to its practical handle, it can be easily carried. Whether it is neutral, personalised to your liking or with a design available on Glassmania: the Pure Bottle glass carafe will be a hit on the table.

4. Glass Jars - A great Christmas gift idea for the cooking enthusiast!

We all know a friend or family member who loves to prepare delicious homemade food. Their Christmas gift is bound to be kitchen related. Indeed, these home-made specialties are prepared with passion so they need a unique packaging. Thanks to the large selection of glass jars available on Glassmania, customizing a jar becomes so easy. Create for example personalised jam jars to offer. The emotion is always there when it comes to a personalised gift prepared with love!

5. Glass bottles and sealed glass cans - A Christmas gift idea for the eco-conscious

Glass bottles and glass airtight boxes are a great Christmas gift idea for your best friend or "green" family member. These two products are a perfect combination for conscientious shopping, especially in bulk stores. Airtight boxes are ideal because they ensure better preservation of fresh food. For dry food, you can offer beautiful Eco Storage customizable glass containers with a wooden lid. Also, the current trend is for glass milk bottles, which can be used not only for milk, but also for homemade juices. And to make shopping even more fun, what better way than to personalise the glass bottles? This Christmas gift is sure to be a hit!

6. personalised Champagne Glasses - A Christmas gift idea for a cutting edge decoration

Two birds with one stone: An original Christmas gift and a great idea to celebrate the New Year: personalised champagne glasses! The champagne glasses can be personalised with names, logos or other motifs. With this Christmas gift, the end of year celebrations will also be celebrated in the right way.

Personalise your glass Christmas gift quickly and easily

It's your turn! Upload your design with the birthday boy's image or use one of the many models available. The configurator is intuitive and all you have to do is let your creativity guide you. If you have any questions, contact us and our team will be happy to advise you.

Personalise your glass Christmas gift quickly and easilyPersonalise your glass Christmas gift quickly and easily

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