Every year you ask yourself the same question: What do I give my loved ones for Christmas this year? We believe that this year's Christmas gifts should be sustainable yet original. Because you can't go wrong with a thoughtful Christmas gift. With the trend of Zero-Waste and Zero Plastic we have put together the most original and sustainable Christmas gift ideas for 2020.

The 6 most original and sustainable Christmas gift ideas 2020

With these 6 original Christmas gifts you will certainly not disappoint anyone. Finding lasting and original Christmas gifts for 2020 makes Christmas really interesting. It is not always easy to find the perfect Christmas gift, as it has to suit the person. That's why we've selected the top 6 most original and sustainable Christmas gifts to help ensure that the person who receives them will enjoy them for a long time to come.

1. Personalised wine glasses - an original, lasting and emotional Christmas gift for everyone !

Wine glasses, beer glasses or water glasses have become an integral part of everyday life. With the Zero-Waste movement, it is obvious that people tend to opt for glasses made of glass rather than plastic. How cool is it to receive personalised wine glasses as a christmas present? A slogan, a picture or even a fancy design can be printed on a glass. The best thing about it is that the personalised glasses can be washed in the dishwasher without any concerns and without the print rubbing off.


2. Glass straws - A personalised Christmas gift for a household without waste!

Glass straws are not only an original, but also a sustainable Christmas gift. This year everything is under the sign of Zero-Waste and Zero-Plastic. Using less plastic and producing less waste can start with the Christmas gift to start the good intentions for the year. This Christmas present is very suitable for the whole family.


The glass straws can also be personalised for the ultimate Christmas gift. For more information contact us!


3. Personalised glass bottles - a Christmas present for the whole family !

According to a report by RTS, glass carafes are becoming increasingly popular for ecological reasons. A glass bottle can be refilled over and over again and can be adapted with its own flavours. If you own a personalised glass bottle, you don't have to buy new PET bottles every time. Personalised glass bottles can be used as a Christmas present for the whole family. For example, each member of the family can receive a personalised glass bottle Pure Bottle. The Pure Bottle from MyGlass has a filling capacity of 75cl and is ideal for everyday office or family life. It can be carried comfortably with the handy handle. Whether neutral, personalised or with a design by MyGlass: the glass bottle is a real eye-catcher on every family table.


4. Preserving jars or jam jars - a Christmas present for every cooking enthusiast!

Everyone knows a friend or family member who is a fabulous cook. Your Christmas present will of course be connected with the kitchen. The homemade specialties are prepared with a lot of passion, so they need a unique packaging. Thanks to the large selection of glasses on MyGlass, designing a glass is easy.


5. Glass bottles and glass jars - a Christmas present for sustainable people

Glass storage containers are the perfect Christmas present for all those who want to shop more consciously. Glass storage containers are ideal for preserving food.

The absolute trend at the moment is glass milk bottles, which can be used not only for milk but also for homemade juices. All glass bottles can be personalized. With this Christmas present you will certainly score points.


6. Personalised champagne glasses - the Christmas gift for the New Year

Two birds with one stone: an original Christmas gift and a nice idea for the New Year: personalised champagne glasses ! Champagne glasses can be personalised with names, logos or other designs. With this Christmas gift you will certainly celebrate many New Years.

Personalise your glass Christmas gift quickly and easily

Now it's your turn! Upload your design and create your extraordinary birthday present !


Selection of special Christmas templates available on the designer MyGlass.