What secrets are behind your beer and your beer glass? MyGlass explains how it is made so that there are no more secrets between you and the beer. With our tips you can make an even bigger impression at the next beer tasting with your personalised beer glasses.

The making of beer - the first step towards the perfect beer glass

Only 4 main ingredients are needed to produce beer: Water, malt, hops and yeast.

1. Water

Beer consists of 90% water. You might think that it is a common ingredient, but water has a great influence on the taste and colour of beer. The water from each region has different qualities and properties. For example, water from Pilsen (in the Czech Republic) is known for its low concentration of mineral salts and has resulted in a mild beer called Pilsen. In addition, water low in minerals gives a paler beer, while water rich in trace elements favours an amber colour.


Surprisingly, there is also beer made from seawater or rainwater.


2. Malt

Malt plays an important role, as it is the basis of the beer. It is made from a mixture of wheat and barley. Other cereals such as oats, rye, buckwheat or gluten-free cereals such as millet or quinoa can also be malted. It is the malt that is responsible for the alcohol in beer. It contains simple sugars which are converted into alcohol when they come into contact with yeast. It also gives the beer the aromas present in the grain and also affects the colour of the beer.


3. Hops

The hop in your beer glass is a climbing plant that can grow more than 10 meters high! Hops provide better storage and bring a bitterness that balances the sweetness of the grain. In fact, there are almost 120 varieties of hops, which is why their aroma and bitterness can vary depending on the variety and origin.


4. Yeast

The yeast, which is present in small quantities in your beer glass, converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. They are actually microscopic fungi that are found everywhere in the air. There are two main families: top-fermenting yeasts, which are most active around 22°C, while bottom-fermenting yeasts, which are most active around 12°C, produce lager.


5. Other ingredients

This is the basic recipe for beer. But the brewers can add many other ingredients to give your beer more complexity and a unique taste. Rice, corn, dried fruit or spices can be added to the mix.


Did you know that?

4000 B.C., somewhere in Mesopotamia (today's Iraq), a bread baker left the dough in the sun for too long and thus the yeast cultures started a fermentation process? The result is a sticky, sticky mass with an intoxicating effect. This is how the forerunner of today's beer was created.

The perfect duo: the right beer glass for every beer

A good beer tasting always starts with the right choice of beer glass. After all, it is important for the enjoyment, the development of the individual taste and a beautiful presentation. For example, the thickness of the glass and the area where the beer meets the tongue can vary.


In general, the diameter of the beer glass influences the transparency and colour of the beer.


A tall, slim beer glass for a light beers

A deep and round beer glass for a complex, aromatic and full-bodied beer

A small beer glass for special beers

Design your own beer glass with your logo

The unique character of the beer glass contributes to the exclusive image of each beer. Therefore, a beer glass personalised with the logo of your bar or brewery helps to emphasise the unique taste of your beer. A beer with a personalised beer glass can also distinguish itself better from its competitors and strengthen customer loyalty. Your beer is unique, so drink it in a unique glass!

All-in-one beer glass set: ideal for beer lovers

Each beer develops a different taste, depending on the choice of beer glass. Fortunately, the Tasting Kits are there to optimize the beer tasting. All beer glasses are of high quality and were developed by a team of brewers and specialists from the world of beer. The aim was to find the glass with the most suitable shape that best suits the tastes of the craft beers.